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Shay (muzicjunkie) wrote,
@ 2003-06-30 17:23:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Forget My Name - New Found Glory

    I spent my whole birthday sitting on my ass. I think this was the worst one yet well except my 11th birthday when i woke up to an empty house and was admited to that my birthday was forgotten. Yea i guess thats just the way my life is, ill always be the third wheel, or forgotten about everything, thrown in the dark and left to die. Yup thats me lovely isnt it? Yea the only thing my dad said to me today was "Snowflake has to get surgery." Yup thats my birthday gift, my dog i love to death has to have surgery that he is very capable of dying during the procedure. That makes me just jump with joy. So yea im on chapter 23 of Harry Potter and The Order Of The Pheonix now. My god its getting so damn complicated, but i love it. When i read that book i just escape my reality like i am there with them, going through exactly what they are, its such a rush. I really wish i could live in that world... as dangerous as it may be it would give my life more of a meaning and something more to live for. I really hate this world so much, i would die just to live in a world like Harry Potter... i really would. I would rather die of Voldemorts wrath than sit here and be forgotten... like in the house of the Dursleys... i really feel like i do live there, me taking Harrys role. Yup my life sucks... ill just be waiting by my window for an owl with my invite to hogwarts... even tho i would be starting as a 6th year i would go in a heartbeat. Ok well you all probably think im insane... so im going to go eat more and get even fatter and read more Harry Potter and see who is actually going to die... i was totally thrown off about that dream.. so now im attached to the book trying to figure out whats going on. So lets see what Christmas on the closed ward is gonna open up for my mind to wander to...

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