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Shay (muzicjunkie) wrote,
@ 2003-06-29 18:31:00
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    Current mood: pessimistic
    Current music:"Does Anyone Here Know Where The Water Show is?" lol

    This is a nightmare!
    Omg i never knew that not being able to invite people was going to be this much of a deal. I tryed so hard to have everyone come but no matter what something always happens. Dont get me wrong i had fun at the party, but at some points i just wanted to break down and cry because of my dad and now i have a friend all angry that she couldnt go. Well let me question the friend part. I heard many things she has said about me and i dont know why she would say something like that... but knowing that i also was about to cry A LOT during the party. This is so damn confusing and i am so damn tired. I really want to confront her and say something but i dont wanna be a complete bitch.. so i probably wont. Hell i dont know.... this is never going to end. Im just going to read more of the book and escape my reality for a little... i really need to... and thats the only thing i could think of doing to get me out of this world except for dying... but i feel like i am right now anyway, this sunburn kills :(

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