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Shay (muzicjunkie) wrote,
@ 2003-06-25 17:36:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:Bridge Over Troubled Water - Clay Aiken

    la la la...
    My party is comin closer and closer ... i cant wait :) its been years since ive had one. Yesturday Jess and I walked to the CVS to pick up the pictures, they came out pretty damn good! Afterwards we went swimmin! Yup thats sumthin im gonna spend like my whole entire summer doin haha. Im so into the Harry Potter book its not even funny! lol last night i refused to go to bed and i read 4 chapters. Im such a slow reader when it comes to this book but i want to understand every bit! Although im not going to say much more... i dont want to ruin any part for anyone... ill discuss it when everyone is done... since im just such a cool bean... haha. Today i didnt do much im basically relaxing... afterall everyone needs atleast one relaxin day a week. I basically just played DDR, read more Harry Potter and went to the pool for a lil. After dinner im goin over Jess' to chill... so yea my dayz not over yet lol. ::yawn:: wow im so tired today.

    I love the summer so much, i am so happy school is over. The more and more i am away from Kristen and her friends the more i am becoming me again. I was never myself when i was around them, i never felt i could be. Now im becoming a lil more confident, independant, and overall a great person. Its amazing how much of a change could be made just by the people you hang out with and i happened to learn that the hard way. So who cares if im not in the lil popular crowd, im really happy where i am now.

    lol Nicole "You say Dibble when you see it and Dabble when you dav it!" that was so funny.

    Also... im finding one of my friends pulling back... i can just sense it. I really wish i could help but im afraid to speak up. Everytime i talk to her she just seems to not even care... or want to talk. I hope i didnt do anything to make her angry or upset or sumthing... i am so damn confused. I just want to see every single one of my friends happy for just one moment. Thats all i ask... that would be my only wish for my birthday. But what am i sayin... my wishes will never be granted. They never were in my life, and never will be. Although if it does occur, it will be a miracle.

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