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Shay (muzicjunkie) wrote,
@ 2003-06-16 20:15:00
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    Current mood: determined
    Current music:Why Worry - All American Rejects

    Tired of bullshit...
    Wow, thank god there are only 3 days left. More and more as the days go by im threatened more and more. lol today Sara Armus imed me and was blaming me for going on Kristens screen name, lol why the fuck would i even consider it? Anyways i was OUTSIDE for most of the afternoon with Jess and Jackie... so yea... obviously i didnt do it. But since i was threatened again if i tell the office in the morning i can get them suspended, thats what i was told myself... so i guess they will be taking finals in the summer haha good for them. If there is no time my dad and i reporting it to the police, ive finally had enough of tolerating shit and let me tell you all sumthin, i changed, im not a lil passive girl anymore... i dont let ANYTHING slide. I guess like my friend said a few days ago, all this is happening to make you stronger... well guess what she was right. I am stronger, and i am a fighter... i dont give up. So no one tell me to watch my back, because you cant hurt me anymore. I have great friends, and they are so damn trustworthy i dont need any of you. Even tho Sara Armus said i "have no friends" haha her out of all the people telling me that! Shes sticking up for Kristen, and Kristen talks about her and makes fun of her! Wow this is so ammusing. Whatever im just informing you all, suspension is in question... and if that doesnt happen you will have a lil meeting with the police soon. Have a good day :)

    OMG you wouldnt believe how happy and strong i felt today. I felt like no one could touch me, like i was floating over everyone. This is really bringing me to the best part of my life... i will go through a struggle for a lil... but all this will finally work out to my advantage for the first time i know it, i can feel it in my heart this time. I can make it, i dont need 1,000 friends, all i need is one true friend and ill be happy, i dont call having 1,000 backstabbing, gossip talking, hypocrite, drama queen friends being happy. To all of you in that group... youll find out soon enough, and ill be laughing.

    So yea i have my english exam tomorrow, a whole 2 hours with Kristen haha this is gonna be interesting. But whatever i dont care anymore, they could say what they want. Chorus i have a free 2 hours yay :) Even tho Kristens lil friends are in there and will probably annoy me lol but again I DONT CARE :) Wow i love feelin this way. Go me! :Þ

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