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musimon376 (musimon376) wrote,
@ 2011-07-26 20:25:00
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    Current mood:creative

    Top Factors That May Contribute To Abnormal Weight Loss

    Losing weight abnormally fast may be a clear indication that you have some health difficulties that need to be addressed. This type of weight loss may not be physically related, but the result of psychological trauma that you may be suffering from. You should visit your doctor if you have such a disorder so that it can be treated in a proper and timely manner. The next few paragraphs will provide useful strategies to help combat abnormal weight loss.

    Eating disorders can be the cause of abnormal weight loss. The most well known such conditions are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Even though deemed a psychological syndrome, without treatment, it can be life threatening. In order to give the proper attention to the disease, the first step is to admit they are enduring the disease, both to themselves and the people around them. When you're smitten with an eating disorder you are at a high risk of substantial malnutrition, it would be best to confer with someone who can help you.

    While aging is not in itself a cause of weight loss, older people often experience this symptom. It's routine for a doctor to test an elderly patient with these symptoms for cancer, but there are other potential causes. Weight loss can sometimes be a symptom of dementia. But a number of stomach maladies, which elderly folks are more susceptible to, could be a cause. Weight loss in elderly people needs to have an eye kept on it, as older people do lose bone density as well. bodybuilding recipes For this reason it's crucial that elderly people talk with their doctors to discover what types of foods and supplements can help them take in the right nutrients to ensure they don't lose any important weight.

    It's important to take abnormal weight loss seriously, as in some cases it's overlooked simply because in this day and age so many people are taught to consider weight loss a positive thing. While most of the time it is, you want your weight loss to come about naturally, because you're eating sensibly and exercising. People that are depressed may also appear to be on a diet program, and may not even seek help because they welcome the weight loss. Seeking medical attention may be your best option if you lose a lot of weight for reasons you cannot explain.

    If you find yourself losing 10 or 20 pounds in a short amount of time, ask the doctor what is going on. Since this can be any number of factors, you can't really respond to it without an accurate diagnosis. After reading what we have presented, consult a doctor if you do not find it helpful. Many times, tests must occur to determine what is really going on.

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