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Chris (mullibok) wrote,
@ 2003-11-10 23:40:00
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    So this begins an experiment with moving my journaling section out of my own webspace and into a site that holds many journals. This is being tried for several reasons:

    1) I've been neglectful again, and this is a way to jump start it.
    2) It should be easier to update, thus cutting down on the neglectful thing.
    3) My Macalester account will expire in a few months, this shouldn't.
    4) Much easier to update when not on the school network.
    5) The commenting ability is rather nice.

    So in honor of this first post, I'm going to relay a few thoughts of mine about this thing's creation. For awhile I toyed with the idea of making it limited access, that is, no link from my main site and only a select few getting told the address. It's simply inevitable that the wider the readership, the less open a journal can be. Knock people off one by one, and you're able to discuss things about them that you may not feel they should know you're thinking. Knock off everyone, and you're completely free, say whatever you want without betraying any confidences and without fear that anything you write will cause a rift. With that thought, the reasnoning behind private diaries dawned on me. I'd known it on some level, of course, but had never really confronted myself with the thought of what it would be like until now.

    On a similar point, the person who led me into trying this also has one, and is also affected by the openness/viewership dilemma. There is at least one person who I think it's fair to say just shouldn't read it. How this relates to me --- does this mean I need to keep her as removed from it as possible? Not having any mention in the Friends section, always have her either comment on entries not at all or anonymously? Well, I don't think so. The possibility of the wrong people being bothered to go to my home page and follow all the links necessary to see what's off limits is remote, almost 0. So I'm not worrying about that. But under different circumstances, I would have to. Cloak and dagger all, God forbid everyone knows what people *really* think of them, what an awful world that would be.

    So, I may experiment with a bit more openness in here. If I do, I may ask certain people not to be offended and not to talk to me in person about what I write. It's unlikely it will be a problem, but we may see.

    The grand opening! Yay!

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