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jackie (muffintheory) wrote,
@ 2004-08-27 20:53:00
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    Current mood:happy
    Current music:matchbook romance- ex marks the spot

    penny lane
    today was so awesome. i watched beyond belief on the sci-fi channel all morning. then amber called and i went over her house to go swimming. her mom said if we could sing this song on the radio she would make us goolash and for another song we could use her stuff to make muffins and we did it! so her mom made us our goolash for dinner which is very yummy.

    then we walked to my house and asked my dad if we could make the muffins here and he said yes. we got the recipe off of the computer. the first batch we made as regular chocolate chip muffins. the second we made up our own and it's called a sundae muffin. we put jimmies and chocolate syrup in it.. lol and blue food dye. they were actually very good! we ran out of milk halfway through though so my mom drove us to the store to get some. she also cleaned up for us which was very nice of her to do.

    next we danced around to the beatles in my room. we are actually going to a surprise birthday party tomorrow night for a guy that both of our parents are friends with so we made up a dance to penny lane to do there for if they play the beatles/my cd. so we can be cool and also be the raddest dancers there.

    then we gave each other makeovers 50's style. with a big poof thing with our hair in the front and crazy eye makeup. the eyeshadow was a greenish color and we made little points coming off of our eyelids on the sides. we looked amazing of course. i have a picture of it on my dad's digital camera so maybe some of you will get lucky and be able to see it when i upload it/print it out.

    my mom said that on sunday amber could come over if she's allowed to and she will rent nightmare on elm street 3 for us! today was just the best day i've had in a long time. my brother was gone most of the time so no fighting with him plus when he was here he didn't start with me, my parents were especially nice & not cranky, and me & my best friend had tons of fun. i needed a day like this. i wish everyday could be this nice.

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