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mars bars (mtipsy324) wrote,
@ 2004-09-03 15:02:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:Usher f/ Alicia Keys My Boo

    once again long time no update lol
    well once again im sorry i didnt update in a while. its cuz my computer wasnt letting me sign on my s/n for some reason. but any ways a lot has happened since i last updated. i have been kinda busy wit cheerleading. cuz of learning all the cheers and dances, and every thing. and today is my first game. i only cheer 4th quarter cuz im on jv. but i still get to cheer. my first game wit out varcity is on september 13th ts a soccer game aganst the muhls. haha i hope we beat them. but any ways. i started school on tuesday. and my homeroom teacher is one of my teachers from last year. and i couldnt stand her last year, i always got kicked out of her class. but its not gonna be like that this year in homeroom. im gonna be a good kid this year in school. vo-tech is kinda boring right now cuz we jus started that and muhlenberg isnt there yet cuz they didnt start school.

    but after school i had to go to the doctors. i have to go to the hospital and and her a chest X-ray and sum thing done cuz my doctor found a heart meermur (i so spelled that wrong) so yea. then after the doctors i came home got my stuff for cheerleading and went to jazz/s house so hr mom could take us. i had cheerleading till like 8:15. then i came home sat around for a couple of hours and thne went to sleep at 11:30.


    i woke up at 8:30 cuz i heard the phone ring. i got up watched tv for a lil. then my nanny came home and i went wit her to the family dollar to get some stuff i needed. after that we went to GK so i could see if they had his thing i need for cheerleading and of course they only had one left and that wouldnt have fit me so jazz tried it on and she got it. after that we went to the mall to see if they had sum thing for my belly cuz i cant wear it in during the game. but they didnt have the thing i was looking for. so i went shopping in agenst all odds (or how ever u spell it) i got 3 shirts and 1 pair of pants. my nanny got jazz a pair of pants and she didnt even know she was buying them for her.

    when she found out she got mad cuz her mom doesnt like it when other ppl buy her stuff. but yea well my nanny said if her moms says any thing to call her. so thats wat im gonna do. and then we came home jazz got a shower, i got a shower. and we got ready. and here we are now sitting here updating the blurty. well i g2g ill update more later!! LOVE MARS <3

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