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mars bars (mtipsy324) wrote,
@ 2004-07-26 21:37:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:NiNa Sky Move ya body

    boring but fun
    well today was kinda boring but fun at the same time. i woke up at 8. took a shower and got ready. then me, my nanny, and poppop went out to eat. after that we went to wal-mart. i got a couple of things. my poppop had to go the to the pet store, to get fish to feed his one pet. i took jazz and bubby over to the pool. then i went over to my other grandmothers house. i got my birthday card. and then both my grandmother were sitting there talking for like ever. lol. then when we left my grandmothers house we went and picked up amanda. after that we went over to raido shack. we went to verizon my the mall and i got a new cell phone thank goodness i was getting tired of my other one. when we were at the mall we all got a subway sandwich. we left there and went to the pool. i showed every one my new phone. then i got changed and i went in the pool. i was swimming for a while then i got out cuz well i dont even remember why i got out. lol. i went wit iris to take jazz to cheerleading. we came bac to the pool and found out that they were closing it at 6:30 for no reason. we took nat home. then we drove down to the park and was sitting there talking to jazz's aunts for a while. we left so we could take amanda to aarons house. we stopped by iris's friends house. then we went to miguels house so i could get my birthday present back from him. we left there and went to pick jazz back up from cheerleading. we went back to the park and jazz asked her dad if she could sleep over at my house and he said yes. so then we drove back to jazz's house so she could get stuff. i saw her house for the first time today. lol. iris and bubby walked us down to my house. and here we are now, im sitting here updating the blurty. and now me and jazz are gonna go up to my room and watch some movies. ill update more later okay
    LOVE MARS <3

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