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Adam (mryarosh) wrote,
@ 2004-04-14 16:50:00
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    Current mood: anxious

    Wednesday afternoon...
    Well, nothing new, exciting, or different about today. Got report cards yesterday, didnt do too bad. A A B B C C D is much better than what I used to do a couple years ago. But, it is however the worse i've done this year. 2004 just hasent started off so great. Almost dieing in a car crash, having over $600 stolen, loosing even more money because of my hours were cut at work, and some other crap that I dont even want to get into... I guess after putting up with all that my grades arent too bad.

    Aside from that i've been writting alot lately. I love it. It gets my mind off of alot of things that I really cant talk to anyone else but myself. Sometimes I even just look forward to just go sit down, and write whats on my mind, it's weird.

    A manager/DJ at work was telling me about this party at Club Zhar in Ybor that he's playing at. We talked and theres a chance that I could be opening up for Dieselboy that night. This is not just any ol local gig, this event is huge. Dj's like Dieselboy just dont come around Tampa so it's a big deal for everyone who's involved with Jungle music here. But news like that is usually too good to be true, always is.

    The other day, I just realized im sick of looking the way I do. So I got off my white ass, made list of what to do on each day, and began my goal on trying to get some muscles on this tiny ass body of mine. It's weird too because out of nowhere I became 100% dedicated on changing my appearance, and I wont stop until I like the results. So that should be interesting in a couple months or more. Im going out to get a tan, type ya later!

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