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MaRiSsA (mrsmojorisin) wrote,
@ 2004-02-22 13:27:00
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    New Tattoo Shmoo
    Alright mutherfuckers let me feel you in on whats going in my life.

    Thursday: I went to George's birthday thing and got pretty buzzed.Good shit man, we killed a bottle of malibu rum together and yeah,Briseida showed up and that was cool. I embarassed the shit out of her.

    Friday: Briseida,Kathy and I went to the tattoo shop in Pasedena and I bought Briseida a broken heart on her wrist. Then I got my dice totally fixed up. Before they were kind of off centered and what not, the color was retarted and yeah,they look way bigger,straighter,and better.Then I got LUCKY SEVEN tattooed around them. It looks pretty bad ass man. Then we went to MANNY'S farewell party. It was cool as fuck with all the gay guys and shit.Me,Kathy, and Jackie were all drunk off Malibu rum again.Good stuff.

    Saturday: I had a long day at work. It was my 8th day in a row working! No day off or anything. I came home after and took a nap. Then Kathy and I went to the Hully Gully and I met up with Hugo there. We saw this RAMONES cover band that was the FUCKEN SHIT man! They sound just like the fucking Ramones man. It was pretty cool. It was overall a very good night.

    Today I was woken up from a bomb ass sleep at about 10 am. I've been up since. Tonight we are going to the 80's convention. I bought Vince his ticket for his birthday.I'm going to get messed up and it will be great fun.So yeah that is about it. I LOVE VINCENT GALLO!!

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