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MaRiSsA (mrsmojorisin) wrote,
@ 2004-02-11 18:35:00
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    "SwEeT ANd tEnDeR HoOlIgAn"

    There has been much going on, but not the time to write about it. Anyway,Briseida's birthday is this saturday,VALENTINES DAY. Fucken sucks for her to be born on such an over rated and pathetic day, but hey. We are going to Ameoba to check out the HORROR POPS, free show. Then we are gonna take her to dinner or something. I just have to find out where we should take her. Maybe I'll buy her a vibrator for her birthday. HELL, maybe I'll pick one up for myself while I'm at it. LOL. Anyway. About 3 weeks ago when we went to GOT 80's. Briseida, who was having a bad day decided to screw me over. She went up to this guy that I had met a few months back in Mexico and brought him over to me. I had not spoken to this guy in quite sometime and I guess she took it upon herself to change that. I wanted to kill her, and chop her body up into pieces, but I guess everything was worth the lil bit of embarassment. We danced and chilled the rest of the night. He asked for my number and that was pretty much it. I didn't hear from him after that. A week went by and he called me last Thursday. It was surprising to me that he even called, but I'm glad he did. We talked for a long ass time, I'd say about two hours or more. We talked about everything from music,movies,stellas,clubs, our ex's and all the stuff in between. We have a lot in common exceot for the age thing, that doesn't bother me at all. I mean who cares if he's 6 years older right? Friends come in all shapes sizes and ages. LOL. Then on Saturday when I got off work I had a missed call from him and I called back and he asked if I wanted to hang out. So yeah, we went to the Hully Gully after all and that was pretty cool. We danced and pretty much got to know each other more. He maked me laugh because he funny as hell. I like his humor and the fact that he hates fake bitches. He totallt feels like me as far as how people who don't belong at the clubs we got to should stay in their scene. Like Beat It and shit. Anyway, then we made plans to hang out the next night at London because it was SIOUXSIE night. That was really cool. We did the same, dance , talk ,and get to know one another. We hung out all night and it was overall a really cool two night's with him. He even called me the next day, Monday which was a surprise because he has this "2 day rule" that I guess all guy's have as a last effort to not look "DESPERATE". LOL. Anyway yeah, I think I'm gonna see him friday at the HORROR POPS show. He really is a cool person. I don't know why I hadn't mentioned this whole saga before. Maybe I didn't wanna jinx anything??? ANYWAY, things are looking up for Kathy too! Last week she met a guy at London. He asked for her number and never called. I guess she met up with him again this sunday at the club and they hung out again. Last night he finally called her and what not. I guess so far so good there. It's just funny that he waited a week before calling too. I swear man, guy's are tooooo much. Anyway, Jackie is gonna come down right now and she's comming with a bottle of LAMBRUSCO and some strawberries. We are going to drink and watch some good flicks. Hugo told me about a few crazy movies that Vince happened to have so I borrowed them from Vince. He came over on monday and watched TRAINSPOTTING. Very very good movie, the baby part is kinda weird though. Like, a dead rotting baby was really needed in the movie?? Then it comes back to life and bust's an excorcist move? HAHAHAHA. Crazy shit folks. Overall, life is good, life is REAL GOOD. I'm gonna dye my hair now so good night.

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