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MaRiSsA (mrsmojorisin) wrote,
@ 2004-01-16 16:18:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Hungry Like The Wolf

    Complications Arise
    Sooo I updated this shit earlier and It got all tweeked out on me. Anyway's, work was pretty cool. I think I just have to get into the fast pace of everything. I feel like if everyone is going a million miles an hour and then there I am in the middle of the freeway going 20 miles an hour. Anyway, I just got back from shopping. I had to go and buy a new shirt for work because the one I have is not "polyester". I bought one shirt and one pair of pants and about 6 bras. All of that cost me $70. I guess that's cheap for everything I got. I bought into the "Valentines" day spirit shit because I bought a Red Lace bra with black hearts. I hate velentines, but the thing was cute so fuck it. It's cold as fuck and I'm here waiting for my friend to come over and watch a movie.Were gonna drink a little and watch some good flicks.I'm so damn tired right now it is not even funny.I seriously feel like opening my window, burning my pear bartlett candle, crawling in my bed with my cozy ass red sheets and watching a movie with my new found "surround sound". My sister's boyfriend hooked my stereo up to my tv. Anyway's I'll save that for another day. I can't wait until 2morrow. I have to work in the morning, but after me and briseida are heading down to Daniels party. VINCE BETTER HAVE MY PRESENT.Or else I won't give him his. Then after that, we're comming home and getting ready for Rock It. Good Times. Alright I'm out

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