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Mark (mrmark) wrote,
@ 2003-11-18 20:35:00
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    Can you tell how bored I am...
    You and Yourself
    1) What's your name? Mark
    2) Do you like your name? Sure
    3) What other names were your parents going to name you? Michael or Philip are the only one's I remember.
    4) And if you were born the opposite sex? Isabel
    5) What is the most annoying name? It's just names...
    6) What is the most attractive name? see above.
    7) Ever wish you were a member of the opposite sex? No, not really
    10) How do you relax? Different ways. Get pissed, get high, sleep.

    You and Others
    1) Who is your best friend? Dave.
    2) Why are they your best friend? Wouldn't have a clue
    3) Do you have many enemies? More so than friends
    4) Do you find it easy to get along with other people? No.. people generally tend to annoy me
    5) Do you talk to strangers? All the time
    6) Prefer to talk to people younger or older than you? Either
    7) Are you patient when talking to others? Not often
    8) How to you deal with people that annoy you? Avoid them, hit them, annoy them back.
    9) Would you say you are polite? Depends on who I'm talking to

    You and Love
    1) Are you in a relationship with anyone? I tend to avoid this question.
    3) If not, are you currently looking?
    4) Would you ever have an affair, and why? Yes, it's part of my general nature.
    5) Do you agree with casual sex? For the most part, yeah.
    6) Would you have a relationship with someone that already had children? It depends on the kind of relationship, but no, I don't think I would.
    7) How old do you want to be when you marry? I don't want to marry
    9) What would you call your future children? (Male and Female) I'll get back to you on this one.
    10) Would you ever marry an 80-year-old millionaire? No, I don't want to marry
    11) What is your age limit for relationships? There isn't one, exactly.. though I don't think I'd be going over the 30 years mark.

    You and Life
    1) What do you want as a future career? I don't.
    2) What are your ambitions? What ambitions?
    5) How would you want to die? Any way, as long as it's relatively soon.
    7) Would you kill yourself if a loved one died? I'd probably kill myself anyway, so sure. An easy excuse for it, I suppose.
    8) If you had one last request, what would it be? That no one dies because of me. The person knows who they are.
    9) If you only had a month to live, what would you do? Sulk, as it's probably two months too long.
    10) What is the point of life? Wouldn't have a clue, it's different for everyone.
    11) What are you living for? I really don't know. The vague hope that there might be more.

    What is your opinion on...
    2) Discrimination? I'm an avid participator.
    3) Smacking children? If they need to be disciplined and nothing else is working, then sure. But it should be justified.
    7) Online dating? Depends on the situation
    8) Adultery? Each to their own.
    10) Vegetarian diets? I'm vegetarian usually.. when I can be bothered.
    11) Self harm? I should teach it, I'm that qualified.

    You and Situations
    1) If you could save only one person from a burning building, your favoured parental figure or a doctor with the knowledge to cure a disease such as HIV or cancer, whom would you save? The doctor. I don't have a favoured parental figure.
    2) If you (or your other half) were expecting a child, but were told that due to unfortunate complications, only the mother or child could be saved, which would you let die? The mother
    3) If you were trapped in a lift that was about to collapse with a elderly lady and a young boy, who has the right to escape first? Depends on the people. If the young boy had a day to live, I'd say the elderly lady. If the boy had his whole life to live, I'd say the boy.
    4) How would you react if you came home and caught your best friend cheating on your trusted other half? It would be old news.
    5) Would you sacrifice your own life for a loved one or family member? It depends on the person.
    6) Would you ever donate any of your organs to anyone, either a loved one or a total stranger that needed it? Depends on the person, and which organs...
    7) Would you ever abort your own child, or place them up for adoption if they were disabled or unplanned? No
    8) If your best friend's other half was cheating on them, and you knew, would you tell your friend, or confront his other half? Both, and bash the fucker that was cheating on my mate.
    9) How would you react if your own child was a murderer and placed on death row? Would you campaign for or against their life? What fucking parent would campaign against their own child's life?
    10) If a family member or loved one were killed either through an accident or murder, would you demand justice, the killer’s death, or try and forgive them? I'd go after the murderer myself.

    When is your birthday?: August 18
    Eye color: It changes
    Hair color: At the moment navy blue.
    Who do you love/like: Not many.
    Who is your girl crush?: dunno
    Who is your boy crush?: dunno
    Outfit: black cargo shorts and a t shirt.
    Hairstyle: spiked.
    Jewelry/Accessories: metal bead necklace, spiked wrist bands, fuck bands, spiked collar.
    Underwear: boxers
    Do drugs: constantly
    Wear dark colors: constantly
    Kissed someone: yes
    Killed someone: not a suitable question, so I'm not going to answer it.
    Smoked: yes
    Gotten Drunk: yes
    Talked on the phone for over 3 hours: yes
    Left the country: yes
    Had a party with over 30 people: yes
    Taken nude pictures: of who?
    Stolen something: yes
    Caught something on fire: yes
    Cheated on someone: yes
    Asked someone out: yes
    Been dumped: yes
    Had a dream, then the next day it happens: I dont dream

    You Touched: Brandon
    You Talked to: Caitlin
    You Hugged: Brandon
    You Kissed: Brandon
    Had sex with: none of your business
    You Instant messaged: Alee
    Who broke your heart: ...
    ~ARE YOU~
    Understanding: sometimes
    Open-minded: most of the time
    Arrogant: can be
    Insecure: at times
    Interesting: /fucked in the head
    Hungry: not right now
    Smart: if the occasion calls for it.
    Moody: always
    Childish: sometimes
    Independent: yes
    Hard working: depends on what I'm working at
    Healthy: no
    Emotionally Stable: no
    Shy: no
    Difficult: yes
    Attractive: no
    Bored Easily: yes
    Thirsty: yes
    Obsessed: no
    Angry: always
    Sad: always
    Happy: not often
    Trusting: no
    Talkative: depends on who I'm talking to
    Ignored: yes
    Reliable: no
    Self-disciplined: no
    Sleepy: no
    Lonely: no

    Do You...
    -have a pool?- I do now
    -have cable?- yes
    -watch MTV?- no
    -sleep nude?- sometimes
    -have a waterbed?- no
    -have a watch?- yes
    -sing in the shower?- sometimes
    -keep a photo album?- no, but I keep some photos
    -drink water?- yes
    -like roller coasters?- they bore me
    -drive?- I use a motorbike usually.
    -have a best friend?- no

    Food (do you like...)
    -tacos?- no
    -bread?- no
    -veggies?- yes
    -pizza?- yes
    -doritoes?- no
    -pretzles?- no
    -chocolate?- sometimes
    -garlic?- not by itself
    -veal?- no
    -hamburgers?- yes
    -chicken?- yes
    -hot dogs?- no
    -ice cream?- yes
    -popcorn?- no
    -pop tarts?- no
    -coke?- yes
    -pepsi?- yes
    -gatorade?- sometimes

    Online Journal
    -How many times do you update your journal?- Whenever I'm bored or feel the need to
    -How many hours do you spend on here?- I don't time myself
    -How does your journal look?- I can't remember
    -How many icons do you have?- Wouldn't have a clue
    -Can you do any of those cool LiveJournal overrides?- haven't tried
    -Do you have music on your journal?- no
    -Do you update your journal with font colors?- no
    -How many communities do you belong to?- can't remember

    Have You Ever...
    -bunji jumped?- yes
    -gotten a tattoo?- yes
    -sky dived?- not yet
    -skinny dipped?- yes
    -gotten your tongue stuck to a cold pole?- yes
    -played truth or dare?- yes
    -kissed for more than 10 minutes at one time?- yes
    -made a prank phone call?- yes
    -flashed someone?- yes
    -set anything on fire?- yes
    -eaten snow?- yes
    -mixed sodas together?- yes
    -had sushi?- yes
    -worn a thong or speedo bathing suit?- no
    -had dejavu? - yes
    -hung up on someone?- yes
    -used all cuss words in a sentence?- yes
    -had the cops called on you?- yes
    -stayed up for more than 24 hrs straight?- yes
    -cried during a movie?- no
    -swallowed gum?- yes
    -said, "I love you" and not meant it?- yes
    -slept for more than 15 hrs?- not that I can remember

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