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Frigit Picksi (moviestar1288) wrote,
@ 2003-03-19 22:50:00
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    Current mood: uncomfortable

    Sadam didn't disarm
    We're at war currently and I feel no different. Though I must say I feel a bit empty inside. It seems a bit fuzzy and I am praying hard for the troops that will be sent over. I really hope they all make it home alive and healthy in mind, body and spirit.
    Me and Andi collected the boxes today and droped them off at miss Moore's room. She said she may be able to use them. As for Anna, Katie, and Travis...they never sang the national Anthem. I heard the Special Olympics were a drag, But i REALLY wished I could have helped. I guess I did ace both my quizes. Sorry Lord, I didn't read the bible today but I promise I will read DOUBLE tomarrw. I'm doing a report on your son Jesus Christ. It was by a save too. Ryan picked the same and he decided to give in*whew*. soo. I finishe my Journal today and I hope miss Boyer likes it. I hope I didn't go too off task. Bus evacuation was today and I Made the MAXI CLUB in science today! YAY! hope fully all those bps will pad my average.OH! and we also learned about the vikings today in History, and I found out that their culture is closely linked to that of rune scape. he he he. But oh braces are killing me and i hardly ate amything today. Though I did manage to polish of the last 3/5 of the apple pie! stomach hurts. Arwen said that she may have 4 people in her HOBBIT GROUP and if she does....ERRRRRR!!! We had an argument at lunch about the kill animals not kill animals tanget so I feel guilty still. We saw Page audition for captain and BOY was she outstanding! she has my vote! TWO BATONS!! That's a keeper. oh and must we forget, Eddie's tutor came to visit today, I didn't meet him, but my dad said that they're going to try him. Finnaly I have one final thing to add, I died in the wilderness on rune scape...AHHH! Scropieans!

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