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Jess (mountaineer) wrote,
@ 2003-02-12 13:23:00
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    WOWZA! Awesome ep, as usual. The 2nd season is much more dynamic than the 1st, wouldn't you say? And can you BELIEVE it's a critically-acclaimed show, yet the ratings are still.. sucky? Blargh.

    Anyways, the ep starts off with a little aerial camera view of Syd and Vaughn lying in Syd's bed, after a night of thorough sex (well, I'm GUESSING okay, if you saw Double Agent you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.. (eww Evil!Francie is into softcore porn..).

    Wait wait before I go on, don't read anymore if you haven't seen the episode yet! So the following are all spoilers..

    So Vaughn and Syd are talking (pillow talk!) and she says "Vaughn.." and he interrupts her with an adorable "Why don't you ever call me Michael?" *sighs* Love is in the air!

    Blah blah blah blah blah then we get to CIA headquarters, where Syd hands in her resignation to Kendall.. he rejects it and gives her the ultimatum - if she goes, she also loses clearance to see her mom, also known as Spy!Mommy. So she goes to see Spy!Mommy and Spy!Mommy says "If you stay with the CIA I'll refuse your clearance because I want you to have a normal life although it's never been normal I know I've never been there for you" schpeel. But anyways, Syd stays. You know why? Because Sloane is a bleedin schmuck, that's why.

    Oh yeah, it was great when Kendall called Syd "kiddo".. that was classic =)
    and then Jack's "legally he's right, ethically he's an ass" comment was hysterical..

    Oh yes, if you want to read the transcript for this ep (in case you missed some parts), go here. is god when it comes to ALIAS transcripts.

    And did you see the whole "Vaughn hugs little boy" scene? I missed it because I was at my comp (which is in the den, obviously) talking to Cass.. AHHH how adorable! Vaughn is one of those mega sexy "I wanna fuck your brains out" CIA!daddies-in-training. *sighs* SYD, MARRY HIM!

    Ooh and SARK. Sark's a sexy one. Mmm. Sarky baby! There's just not words to describe him besides "sexilly evil"..

    That little break-in scene at the end with the bank was great too.. I hate Sloane! Evil bastard..

    Going back to the middle of the episode, it was majorly wiggy when Syd tried on her cap and gown and it was Francie and Will there.. Evil!Francie's eyes wig me out. Eeks. She's all staring and stalkerish. Blegh. It looked like the good old times though, with the whole Syd-Francie-Will trio.

    The music for this ep was good. I'm taking this from, so therefore I credit them..
  • "My Sundown" by Jimmy Eat World (the morning after, aka "pillow talk")
  • "I Can't Forget" by Evan Olsen (cap & gown scene, aka Evil!Francie goes to hug Syd)
  • "Get Free" by The Vines (Vaughn gets tough in a Swiss bar while Sydney plays some pool)

    And there, my friends, is episode recap for the week. Sorry it was so brief!

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