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Krist (motionofahand) wrote,
@ 2003-06-30 01:12:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:Brand New - Play Crack The Sky

    House of Brandon

    so yesterday a little after i last wrote i went for a really long, aimless walk with absolutely no destination and got all suicidal and stuff and then brandon picked me up on the side of the road and we went to walmart and bought movies and went back to his house and watched joy ride and then it was interupted by the likes of laura and jennifer and marley and jimmy watched some of it with us and matt came over for a little bit and then we went to sleep. i woke up to a somewhat empty house with exeption of william and sarah who are...older and don't come out of sarah's room, but yeah. so i was stranded at brandon's until matt came over and we bought my mother birthday presents and she liked them a lot and then matt had to go to work and then i was supposed to hang out with nathan but he wouldn't move and then he finally did and we went to see finding nemo. then i came home and it sucks cause they're having a stupid "guy day" tomorrow in which they go to the beach and leave me to rot at home.

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