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Patrick (mostcrackheaded) wrote,
@ 2005-01-19 22:43:00
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    Mind Fucked Straight Blizting Off the Ooo Shee Wally Wally
    i am...indifferent...i'm watching Vanilla Sky...and i'm gettin Mind Fucked...

    I woke up, I ate, I went to work, I came back, I turned on the TV and I had the right to get Mind Fucked. I had the right to remain unnerving, but I didn't have the ability...I do believe this movie will skull fuck me to death when i finally finish it...


    did i get ur feet back on the ground lil falkor wannabe bitch

    i think that i need some serious detoxification...the other day i sat on my mom's car at midnight without a jacket tryin 2 find the moon cuz i was asked to...meh i found it about 10 seconds before i couldnt feel my hands...the moon is pretty boring...cept Underworld made it cool again

    i realized somthin...i dont get sick like regular thundercats...i get chronic headaches...chronic stuffed nose....chronic...and a little bit of a fever....dunno wat it is...i think my illnesses are pullin leap years....cuz i didnt get sick for the longest time...then this winter i get sick..not last winter with 8 blizzards a day...

    a derka derka derka mohammad jihad

    the 3rd funniest words in no particular order are: penis, titty, and buttcheek...yea i said...buttcheek

    meh time 2 finish gettin raped by vanilla sky...memento got nothin on this

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