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Angel (morbid_angel) wrote,
@ 2004-05-05 20:30:00
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    My tutor pissed me off today. He told us we have to stay at college right till the end of june. fuck that. I'm leaving at the end of May, and only gonna go back for my exams. I've been surviving on the thought that college is over in 3 weeks. I can't cope with anymore!!

    Well i met Pete after Biology. We got wet.. my hair got ruined.. oh well. Weird guy was at the bust stop again. Talking to us. Hehe, it was fun. He's so strange. He asked me where i was going and i told him i forgot and he knew! But that's cos i've told him before. But then, why did he ask? Oh Well.

    Not done much since being home. Talked to my mum. went to the shop for food. Forgot to buy bread for my dinner which is why i went LOL.

    Got a driving lesson tomorrow. Fun. I'm driving to Brough again apparently. That's better than doing manouvers though. And i don't have to go to college tomorrow cos my sociology tracher is away for the day! I'm gonnado the work at home instead. I spoke to him about it today, and he said it's ok.

    I spoke to Laura earlier, and realised something. I miss her!! Bleah. Shewants me to go out tonight, but i can't cos i live so far away. She told me she lives in Leeds now o.o;;; Don't know where she'll be staying. I'm gonna try and speak to her more,cos she's kewl, and what's in the past is in the past.

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