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alex (moopy33) wrote,
@ 2005-11-19 20:32:00
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    Current mood: artistic
    Current music:The Grey Album~~ D.J. Danger Mouse

    Interesting conclusion...
    Ok, I know that there is this thought that Rap music has no connection to Rock music at all. I believe this to be false. Especially after listening to the Danger Mouse Grey Album, which is a cross between the White Album by the Beatles and the Black album by Jay-z.

    I was listening to his version of Encore+(beatle song which I don't know) and noticed a similarity in beats comparable to T.I.'s song which is the 4th track on Trap Muzik. (I have a copy, but it wasn't bought, so I really couldn't tell you).

    Anyway, for whatever reason this sparked my intrigue into figuring out what groups have tried to bridge, or are bridging the gap between Rap and Rock. And though many of you I know would disagree with me, I feel that some of those groups are:

    Beatles~~ influential music with influential tunes
    Cake~~ not sung, not rapped, but spoken to the beat they have, along with their songs, with the emphasis on bass
    Linkin Park~~ rapping along with rock music

    I had thought of several others, but right now they aren't coming to me. But the fact remains that there are many bands that have incorperated many styles and there are many rappers that have incorperated many influences in their style and that this "bridge" shouldn't or doesn't exist. So what if that style stands for something, it will be linked no matter what you do. Just enjoy the flourishing of a new genre or rather, a new wave of ingenious music develope.

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