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The Truth About Diamonds (monroemisfit_ox) wrote,
@ 2007-09-29 18:14:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:I LOVEEEE JOE!!!!!

    i got my drink & my two steppp
    i had to wake up early today and wait for Joe to come at 12 so we could get the rest of natalies furniture and my newww beddd! yesss! and even with my dad's huge extended bed truck...we had to make 2 trips. which sucked because it was all hot today. but i didnt even do anything, my mom helped joe the first time then vicky helped joe the second time. whatevvv...then i volunteered to take filomena to her cheer game, but when we got back i realized my dad borrowed my car so joe hada drive her in the truck which sucked cuz it was already 4pm and joe had his own shit to do.....

    yesterday i went and registered at rizzieri... the whole time signing and writing my name all i could think about was whhyyy did i get stuck with this long obnoxious italian last name. two of ever letter. all crazy. my hand was cramped because I was rushing to finish to try and make it to work on time, but i was an hour & a half late anyway. fuck ittt. i had to write the checks which sucks because even though my moms givin me the money back, it always offsets my balance and fucks me up. and my kit probably won't be ready since i registered so late. i still have to get my uniform pants and shoes since I didn't feel like it today. and bring in $660 for this months tuiton since my mom's a cheap/broke bitch. uhhhh...i can't wait tho.

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