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mon (monosodium) wrote,
@ 2003-01-05 17:00:00
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    people are fuckin pissing me off damn shits!
    so my oldest sister and mother starts harrassing me about having people step over me and dispensing money as if it grew on trees..and that isnt the of the roommates moved out..when did i find this out?? maybe a week before finals started?? fuckin shit! i covered for january because i KNEW i wouldnt be there in january to cover my weight of the payment..did we have a new roommate to cover jan at the beginning!?! FUCK NO!! did i want to be kicked out of the fuckin apartment..gosh you fuckin peice of shit dont you fuckin even think!??! you dont know how it feels like to be close to being kicked out of an apartment..where would my fuckin shit go if i'm here and the place is there?!? so i covered an extra weight for january until we were to get a new roommate..damn peice of shit before you start harrassing me actually think!! are you fuckin prepared to drive downsouth to go and pick up my shit because you didnt want me to cover an extra share just to assure that i'll have my fuckin place?! you damn fuckin idiots!!! i'll harrass people later about the fuckin money you assholes

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