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Don't make me Cry. (monkeypoop6t9) wrote,
@ 2003-05-01 19:01:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Smashing Pumpkins- Bullets with Butterfly Wings

    Hehehe, That was some fun shit, James juss dropped me off at home. He pickd Ashee and I up at like 5:00 and took us to the Bowling place, But they wern't going to have any lanes open until 6 so we said fuck it, Then we got back in his car, and I found these KICK ASS blue sunglasses in there and I put them on and I felt like God, It was soooo cool, And everything that was blue that I saw I fucking freaked out and pointed at it and then we were hungry, So James asked if we likes Chineese food and Ashee said no and that she wanted Sea Food, So wewent to Long John Silvers and it was BLUE, So when we got there Ashee was like "EWWW" So James was like, "Hmm I know where one more restraunt is that has Craw Fish" So we went to the French Quarter and we eat and were laughing our fucking asses off the whole damn time, It was great! Then James got a cigg. and blew the smoke into out drinks and our drinks were all smokeing and shit, It was cool... Then we were talking about our lovers cum and shit, and It was funny, Then we got Vanilla ice cream with whipped cream all over it and we were saying it was cum and then I smeared it alllll over my face and Ashee was like "OMG EMILY, HAS DANNY BEEN HERE?!" and ya, James hit me in the head about 47 times because he said I'm a "ditz" I AM NOT JAMES!! Damn meeny. Then we left there at 6:50 and he was takeing us home and on our way home I was all hanggin out the window, and at a red light I saw Danny and his mommy in there car, It was cool, and ya I juss got home, It was a grand day... Well I'm going to go Darby is comeing over, So l8ter.

    -emilie renee

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