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Ahem (monkeypocks) wrote,
@ 2005-11-13 17:55:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:beetlejuice

    hes singing loudly too!
    so my weekend started of on this wed. after school i went to an art meeting. some lady for some art school was talking for like 2 hours. after that me, maria, val and chris went to chapotlle. im kinda mad... i dont want to like it but i am. after that we headed off to get coffee. then went to mar gars so val could request off. ITS REALLY REALLY christmasy there! i love christmas time! after that we went to the mall and shopped around for a while. santa was there sleeping... STRANGE!!! after that we went to maria's val left. and nicole joined and we played taboo!

    thrusday was my interview. after that i picked up chris and waited for val. we drove around and went to get pizza. we waited for everyone to get out of their interview and then we went to hinkley. after that we dropped off chris and we went to marias and then val left and me and maria played scrabble. soon later nicole got off of work and came and joined us. and then we were moving maria's room down stairs. then we had to leave to go get chris and then we had to get maria's brother. and then we planed chris' way to get out of school.

    friday was senoir skip day. chris and maria woke me up really early and i had to pick up chris from maria's house and then we went to the mall AGAIN! and then we went home and watched some movies. then we played board games and then went to deny's. i had a really big head ache. and then we went to johnny rockets to see juan. then we walked aroun the mall and headed off to go home. after that i went to the cast party.

    saturday i chilled all day and then went to the play to usher. at intermission chris and val came. i cleaned up and then left. i joined chris and val and then we went to val's house that was fun. i was playing with her inversion thing and it hurt my face.

    today i went to the play and now im chilling watching beatlejucie

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