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Ahem (monkeypocks) wrote,
@ 2005-11-06 20:32:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:white christmas

    Long time no update! im gonna kinda work backwrods on this one.

    well today, sunday, i picked my font for aim. its called juice! yay. i basicily sat around allday and watched contact.

    yesterday i woke up and chilled most of the day. then at 4 i went to church for my baby cousins baptisim. after that i called everyone over my house and we watched a movie for like 20 mins and then some people had to buy a hat. me, val and maira sat on my coach for a while and decided to go to target! that was fun. we followedthe spot light things that were in the sky. that led us to busch funneral home. so we just went to target and played in the isles for like an hour. val started spraying some kind of weird body spray in the isle and it smelled really bad! ew! after that we went home and waited for everyone to get back cuase their trip to get a hat took longer then expected i guess. after that we watched a bit of shaw. then we went to BP to get some pop! that was fun! yay! then i got bored and we went outside in the 70 degree nov. weather! yay we had a fire! and talked that was fun

    friday after school we had a drama club meeting and then i went to nicoles house to fix her computer! (she said it works like new!) after that chris came and we went to maria's work and chris returned his book and got a card. i checked out some movies. after that we went to chris and then nicoles and then vals and then my future new home. then rodkaka's! THEENNNNNNNN we headed down to little italy! THAT was a trip! lets just say it involved guns, a car and bullet proff windshelds! oh see nicoles blurty for details! Little itally was amazing! i love that place down there! i want ot live there! we went to mama's and then to get some coffee! after tat we went to target and shopped around and headed to club basemnt where jaun met us there and we clubbed! YAY! we had some hellen keller jokes, some other thing happen and it was fun

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