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moniofcsun (monalogy) wrote,
@ 2002-12-23 16:39:00
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    Current music:"I dont know you anymore"-Savage Garden, trck 12 Affirmation

    "it's a monalogy..."

    122302 @16:39

    so this is i am..i'm just writing here for the hell of it and we'll see if this helps just to get things off my share my happiness share my frustration..afterall..happiness is like a balloon inflated in my heart..eventually it'll have to pop/explode because i cannot keep all this happiness just inside of me..i'll have to share it..frustration acts the same way...thats just a little into a fraction of my thoughts

    last night marie, maria, jamie and i went to SF around 10ish to the kami kazi event and met up with tuyet, her sis and linda tran (the others ended up driving home) was interesting..not my particular type of scene..the idea of getting bumped into every 5 seconds and having smoke permeate through your clothes doesnt exactly appeal to me..and ontop of that..can we say ASIA TOWN..dude there were so many asian people..dont get me wrong i have nothing against my asian heritage but my was just odd..the highlight however would be (besides spending time with friends) i saw quite a few good looking girls..the girl in the blue tank..whom was a bit too skinny..the perhaps SOP girl..gosh so adorable..the girl with the tan hat..damn..=) so the party ended around 4..which was a good thing..didnt know how much more of that i could take..we ended up parking outside of IHOP waiting for it to open at 6 and had breakfast with some of the was nice =)

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