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Extrodinary Peach[ C H A R I T Y ] (momo_revolution) wrote,
@ 2003-11-14 22:12:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Masami Ouki[Rinbu Revolution(Live)]

    Yay first post!Let's start out with my day! :D

    Naturally I get a lot of sleep,but I didn't go to bed 'till 12,and I only got five hours.So yeah today I wasn't doing to well.Lol.I almost fell asleep in Language Arts,but Katie asked if I was okay and I just said yes ^^.

    Art was fun,I saw with Heather,Virginia,Peter,and Amber.Virginia didn't know what Crabs was so Peter goes,"It's lice on your pubic hair." and Virginia goes,"Okay,that's gross!" We laughed and the Art teacher yelled at us ^^;

    I got a new scarf today too!It's a purty blue one :3 And it keeps me warm inside the house too,since my grandma keeps the air conditioning on.Naturally I don't feel good with myself when I look in the mirror,but when I saw my scarf on me,I just smiled.'Cause I'm starting to become a photographer,and I'm gonna go to the beach tomorrow and take pics.Lol,so maybe I'll snap a little of me in it.

    Trinity gave me her phone number but I forgot it ^^; I naturally do that. :P But I think I can find it in my room somewhere with my mangas and stuff like that.

    My bookbag is heavy,we don't have lockers yet because we have two schools.Prospect Heights and Locust Grove.I'm in Locust Grove,and out school is almost finished.Thank god!^^; I really need a locker.

    In Science today,we did Cupcake Geology!It's was so much fun,we had these chocolate cupcakes,and with straws we had to put the straws in six different places of the cupcake and we had to guess how the middle would look like when it's cut.Afterwards we got to eat it,it tasted so good.I drooled xD; I just love sweets so much,and on Thanksgiving I get to make a cake :3 Whoopeee!

    Well,I hope I make some friends on here,Bye!

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