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Allie (mofx) wrote,
@ 2003-11-09 12:02:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:Face to face- bill of goods

    3rd place
    Yeah, I just got back last night from a forensics tournament. We did suprisingly well, (we being myself and my duo partner matilda). The rest of the duos were amazing, I had thought at best we would have gotten a 5th place. We got third.... cool trophy too. Yeah so we left on friday and had a 5 some hour car ride. Not cool. I was in the car with Nick, Ankush, Andrew, Matilda, Merideth, Hops' mom, and myself. Needless to say i heard alot about how nick isn't supposed to be out of the State bc he has a felony charge, about their partying and other random annoying things like that. The other car had Hops, hops' dad, Justin, and sacks. They had 3 f-ing computers and were watching dvd's as i was getting feet shoved in my face. But thankfully on the last leg of the trip hops invited me into there car. When we got there Andrew was all over matilda. who has a boyfriend. and she wasn't complaining. I really get jealous of her. She can get any guy she wants. but meh, So yeah then we went exploring, then out to dinner. Everyone else went to a thai restaurant, it looked kind of scavy to me so matilda andrew ankush and myself went to taco hell. We went back to the hotel and nick and ankush found a hotel party. they drank it up. I hope those fuckers get caught. Well the cool people that don't dig the whole getting fucked up at a forensics tourny watched tv talked and actually had fun. hah. Woke up earlier than we had too. I had 3 hours of sleep. I really shouldnt do that when i am going to compete the next day. But we got there competed. Did pretty good. hung out with matilda and justin most of the day. Slept, played friend fuck fall most of the way home, matilda slept over. Then she left. that about sums up my trip. God.. i'm boring

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