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Well secluded, I see all. (mobilplast) wrote,
@ 2003-08-04 21:45:00
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    Current mood:thoughtful

    did the flame die?
    I miss the earlier days of Erica and my relationship. I miss her actually putting an effort into seeing me all the time. I was so happy than now im just.. waiting, waiting, waiting. Ive learned to deal with being patient im a pretty patient person now I would say, much improvement. God I miss the old days... Now all I can do is just sit back and remember those days and how happy I really was. Everything was perfect... and I would do anything for it to come back, but I guess its gone, I sort of feel like im just being pushed away for a while because shes bored with me or something. She gets bored easy I supose. Doesnt stop her from seeing carlos and them everynight.. I wish that could be me, I wish i could see her like i used to. She makes it seem like its hard to see me but i dont understand we used to see each other all the time what changed? Sometimes I just wish hey and carlos would be together because to me it seems to be making more sense. I know thats what he wants, shes still in denial about the whole thing. She says she doesnt click with me and that I dont understand her. I know she loves me but.. does she still WANT me?

    i still want her.. i still want her.

    i hope things.. turn around.

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