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IsuckDICKforPENNIES (mmmmbop) wrote,
@ 2004-02-09 19:50:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Death Cab For Cutie

    Hmm today sucked major ass....last night i couldn't sleep and i was shaking really bad and i was really depressed and im not really sure why, but i did come up with the top ten reasons to pull the trigger-lol- soo i could barely stay awake today, i dont even know why i went to school, i guess so i wouldnt be stuck in this house all day....but i guess i feel better now, sort of....anyways yea uhh i dont know im really bored and we had a "balance test" in gym today, lol and i think the bulldykes in my gym class are going to kick my ass because i told them i really didnt want to hear about how they dyke out in the girls bathroom, but i just couldn't take listening to it anymore so i mean i had to say something, but they are uhh bigger and stronger than me so i suppose i should try to keep my mouth shut, then again i doubt they would do anything about it, i just hate the fact that im expected to get dressed in the same room as yes but i do suppose i will get over it....anyways yea i think thats enough of this nonsense for now............byeby

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