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You'll Never Understand (mizz_dee) wrote,
@ 2004-03-03 14:12:00
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    I cut myself yet again. When will it all end? Sometimes I just wish i could let go of every good memory and just die. It seems like everyone is just trying to make everything in life harder and more difficult. They don't want to help becuase that would mean they have to acually ruin there perfect little lives. That's alright though i don't need or want there help at all. I'm better off with out them they fuck things up and make a big deal about everything there ever is. Got into soo many fights yesterday it was crazy o well i don't care i'm not holding back anymore. I'm not suspended for some reason i'm acually in a classroom with kids and all. I guess that would mean my life is getting a little normal. Not shure acually. I'm going to take pictures of my arms and put it in here. I'm not shure why maybe you'll understand what i do to myself if you can see it. I hate myself for it but i do. Some how the blood rushing makes it everything in the world feel so much better. But i mean some times it dosn't. Some times i do it just for the hell of it..i'm bored and i do it. Havn't seen anything lately surprisingly the visions and shit havn't happened yet. I hate them anyway i'll never want them but its weird when there not here its almost a empty

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