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You'll Never Understand (mizz_dee) wrote,
@ 2004-03-01 18:47:00
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    Current mood: aggravated

    Fuck You
    Okay yeah I started this new blurty thing becuase my councler person is making me. She says its better if I get everything that i feel out in the open. I think she is terribly wrong and needs to fuck off but here it is.

    ...Everything has been fucken crazy. Tonight are the fights for Da Army if any of you fuckers feel like trying to get in hit up one of the kids in the army and tell them they'll give ya the time and place. If ya call my cell or my house your going to get the shit beat outa ya. So don't bother hitting me up i don't deal with your shit i got enough to work with. My girl went into da hospital today. She fucken slit her wrists and slit her stumach open than hung herself dossed up on pain killers and got fucken drunk as hell. Her bro took her down before she died from hanging herself. I'm gonna hit up da hospital lata to see her. Since i'm a true bitch and i acually go to see muh girls n guys when dey need meh. Even though not all of them would come see me its all good one day they'll need me n i won't be there until then i'll stay tru to them. I relized i don't trust anyone at all. And that the only person i truly trust is Austin. <3 yeah i cut myself again =[ i didn't mean to i got so pissed off at everything i just slit them. I hadda go to the hospital the other day becuase of cutting and i don't know. i'm still seeing things also. Horrible things i know and i feel so fucken horrible for seeing them. I'm not going to say what they are liek 2 people know and i'll keep it that way for now at least. School has just been stupid and all.

    Anyone who reads this yeah i don't fucken care what you think or anything so fuck you and your life and i hope its just ever so perfect.

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