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+:+I Pr3tTy In PiNk I+:+ (miszshayshay) wrote,
@ 2004-09-22 21:45:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:U and me

    .................."Juzt bOred".....................
    im juzt bORed sO i decided tO write in this little shit! Maybe it will keep me entertained and maybe even yOu. nOt really thOugh because nOthin tO excitin haz happened Over the past day OR twO! Yesterdaii letz see i went tO skewl and it waz w.e..kina bOrin i had english 1st and it waz str-8..we had a sub! Then 4th periOd waz child care and dat class iz juzt a eat shit class sO i waz lukky then came lunch and it waz bOrin az hell then 5th periOd waz science and it waz actually fun kuz we played a game tO study 4 da chapter 1 test tOmOrrOW. Anywayz then after skewl i umm...Oh cleaned my rOom a little bit and then meeh and wendy went tO cindyz krib and we were playing mOnOpOly and we Ordered pizza and juzt ate shit there in cindyz krib! Then i Opened my mOuth and said "Oh i wOnder if cindy knOwz abOut wen i fell yesterday" ((kuz wendy pushed meeh and i fell On tOp Of her bOyfriend)) w.e then cindy waz lyk wat??? i waz lyk nuttin fORget it and she kept beggin fOr meeh tO tell her and then i waz lyk nOo and i finally tOld her and lyk she said she WOuldnt...she gOt mad! She waz lyk and u cOuldnt tell meeh this yesterday when i asked yOu what happen in the rOom while i waz talkin 2 ma dad Outside i waz lyk itz nOt a big deal i pushed baq sO fazt it waz lyk nuttin and she waz lyk w.e and bla bla she waz mOre mad i didnt tell her yesterday and she waz mad at wendy! Kuz she thinkz wendy likez her bOyfriend and she dOnt! kzu wendy waz lyk tell ur bOyfriend im sexually fristrated and she pushed meeh On him and she iz alwayz askin bOut him but w.e! anywayz sO yea wendy left hOme and then meeh and cindy were talkin and she waz sayin dat she waz guna hit luis and dat i didnt wana b der wen it happend sO w.e i left and i text her tellin her nOt tO dO shit 2 him he didnt tell u kuz he dOnt want u 2 get mad n bla bla! Then i waz lyk think befOre u act kuz in the end u will regret it. She waz ignOring meeh and i waz lyk w.e! Then she text sayin dat fOr meeh nOT tO call her Or text kuz her bOyfriend waz there and they were tlakin sO w.e i didnt. Then she called sayin they brOke up and it waz kuz we tOld her bOyfriend "Oh i cant alk 2 u kuz then cindy will get mad" i waz lyk wtf i tOld wendy and we went Over her krib and asked her man when we said that and she waz lyk Oh i missunderstOod wat u said...i waz lyk yeah and then w.e meeh and wendy sat in frOnt Of cindyz krib while her n her man talked inside. Then she ended up texting meeh tellin meeh hOw everything iz Ok and she waz sOrry fOr being a bitch and bla bla. Then she came out kuz i waz ignOrin her and she saw i waz cryin she gave meeh a hug and then she gavbe meeh tylenOl. I ended up chillin Outside fOr a bit and then andy called meeh and i tOld him the whOle stOry and he understOod it all! Thank gOd! SO w.e we all str-8 nOw and cindy iz juz a little mad at wendy! Anywayz i went hOme and went tO sleep! Todaii i went tO skewl and it waz bOrin i had math and it sukked then child care and it waz Ok! Then i had freakin histOry and i hate dat class and the teacher! He pikkz On meeh sO much and tOdaii he mOved meeh and mimi juz kuz i waz laughin lmaO! w.e thO hez gay! Anywayz after skewl i had cheerleadin and it waz str-8! Then i gOt hOme at lyk 4:oO and i tOok a shOwer,ate. Then at like 5:oO i went Outside and i saw everyOne at that park and then my baby called and tOld me he wOuld b hOme at 7:oO..sO then i waz lyk Ok and i chilled wit everyOne arOund hea eatin shit and then at 7:oO andy called and we went tO eat at tOny rOmaz!! yummy yummy lOl! Then at lyk 8:3O we gOt baq and we juzt chilled in hiz krib playin playstatiOn 2 and then i came hOme arOund 9:3O and i tOok a shOwer and nOw im writin in thiz shyt and im sleepy sO ima dO ma h.w and gO tO sleeP! Much lOve alwayz..Shalean

    p.s this week in skewl iz spirit week and itz gay! mOndaii waz fav character day tuezday waz spOrtz day and tOdaii waz fav celebrity day and tOmOrrOw iz wacky tacky day and friday iz class cOlOrz! the Only One i did sO far iz spOrtz day and tOmOrrOw i wana dress tacky but i changed ma mind! Ima just wear my cOmfy clOthez and i dOnt care hOw ma hair iz guna lOok lOl! Oh yea and im duin friday which iz class cOlOrz which mean i gOtta wear black n white but daz eazy! Iight much lOve!

    I lOve u Andy Baby!

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