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Zeeeee (missyslilbitch) wrote,
@ 2003-12-19 15:22:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:i get high all the time ~50 c

    its time to see the doctorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    i was just going downstairs to collect my laundry from mrs koski and i found this bath and body works bag with a bunch of my crap in it from ages ago. i found a letter from kelly in there from like 4 years ago! it was on my 17th birthday and reading it made me miss her so much. so kel when u read this i miss u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    today is an interesting day. first off i kept having dreams that i was still at albion and that i had forgotten all about my biology felt so real i woke up sweating. that was so scary!!!!! at 9 am a cardinal was outside my window cocking his head at me as if to say hi z...wake up!!! it made me smile. its so pretty outside with the snow adn the icicles hanging off the trees when the sun shines thru it is as if u are cast into an enchanted world into the dominion of fairies and unicorns and the icicles turn into diamond lanterns. you can almost hear the tinkling jingle of happiness. this would be a perfect world for me.

    it is really funny how one gets accustomed to their own keyboard. for example, i type so well on my own keyboard but i make a lotta mistakes on my brothers. weird isnt it? how the brain makes touch a memory. i wonder if i went blind would i be able to tell the ones i loved through touch. i think id be able to.

    im talkin to james rite now kel...and explaining to him about how fucked up academy of the sacred heart was. and about that one time we got an in school suspension for going to kels home for seriously half an hour without checking out. when the dean told us we would have an ISS kelly and i cried and candace was like haha what the fuck whateverrrrrrrrrrr. i miss candace. that ISS was surely interesting. if only they knew what naughty girls do in the chapels they get locked in. kelly and i wrote letters to each other, i read the stained glass windows and started to think of them in twisted story plots "feed my lambs silence my lambs...' warped.

    i think i will go work out today. its been at least a month. i feel terrible not working out but i had no time at albionnnnnnnnnn. i seriously need to get back into shape and running my three miles. i bet today ill run like two minutes and collapse. damnit i hate how working out just has to keep being rebuilt when u stop. but it feels so good to work out damn.

    time for stinky z to go and take her shower. more cleaning of my room is up ahead catch yall in a few

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