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Maria (missyasemi) wrote,
@ 2004-05-11 22:03:00
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    Prac has been going really well. I'm loving teaching the grade 2s even though I was really nervous about it when I first found out, I think it was the fear of the 'unknown' aka the change from all my teaching pracs being in the upper primary going to early childhood. All in all, I'm as pleased as pleased can be that I got this prac and luckily I have a supportive teacher with a fantastic sense of humour.

    Today I spent sleeping instead of going on prac because I've managed to catch a virus that has been going around amongst the kids. I went to see the doctor hoping he'd give me some strong drugs to attack the virus but he said the only thing he could give me would be tablets to take for the naseau and that the virus would just take it's time. He said he highly recommends that I take tomorrow off too but sheesh i really don't want to. This is my final prac, my lecturer is coming in to observe me, I have a unit that I need to finish teaching before the end of the week AND my big interview is exactly one week away from tomorrow. ARG! So the dilemma of the day, do I take tomorrow off too and hope that I'm better by thursday OR do I go in and teach regardless?

    I'm thinking that going in tomorrow is a good idea for the reasons mentioned above and because I don't want my mum to catch what I have (her immune system is still very weak). But on the other hand, if I do go in, I'm likely to need to run to the toilet at least twice to be sick and I'm not going to get better as I'll be tired at the end of the day which will also mean that I'll be sick longer and then mum will be more open to catching what I have. Also, my supervising teacher might catch it and she is also around someone whose immune system is weak and will be in a dangerous situation if they end up with a virus.

    I don't think I'll go in. Both I and my teacher have people that we need to protect from viruses and I'll be doing neither myself or our close ones a favour by going in. Right. Decided. Not going in.

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