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Maria (missyasemi) wrote,
@ 2003-12-09 20:38:00
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    The funniest day!
    Today was a funny day, I worked all day, the first half with Catherine and the second half with Mel. Now the second half was the funniest, this is after we closed the doors. We had to shut down the EFTPOS machine and Mel and I never remember the password for it without having to look it up. Today we decided to guess it. So I had a turn and got it wrong, then mel told me what she thought i was and we got it wrong, then i said, "oh I think i typed it wrong" after Mel told me it, so she told me again and - the EFTPOS shut down because we got it wrong 3 times :s We didn't think that it would probably shut down after 3 wrong attempts, it said to contact the help desk. I looked at the number we had and it said Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. It was 6:00pm. So i thought bugger, my next bright idea was to unplug the machine, but I couldn't work out which wire to unplug. Then i looked for the phone number again, and found it, just above the one I originally looked at. Called the help desk and got through on the first ring! Thank God! I told the lady the problem and she verified some details, then she asked for the business name which i told her. Then she asked for the address, instead of replying with the name of the shopping centre " Location Shopping Centre" I replied with "Business Name Shopping Centre". Mel on hearing this burst out laughing which made me realise what I had just said, and burst out laughing on the phone, now i mean hysterical laughter! 1 min later I was off the phone and Mel and I were in stitches laughing!

    After we got over it, Mel was going to drive me home, she parked on level 1, we got in the lift at ground and were in it for about 2 minutes talking before we realised it wasn't moving. So we hit level 1 again, still no movement, so we decided to hit level 3, and see if we could come down from there. We went to 3 and tried to hit level 1 and it wouldnt go, then we tried to hit ground, still no movement. We were officially stuck in the lift at a quarter to 7, when the centre has been officially closed for almost 2 hours, until someone at ground hit the button to come up, we returned to ground and used the stairs. But my God it was funny! Mel was kinda scared but I was all excited coz I wanted to use the 'alarm' button. I have to admit though, i did get a bit light headed when I realised we were stuck on level 3, I had this fear of the lift crashing down to the bottom floor - yes I've watched too many movies! LOL. But that fear was quickly evaporated when I realised it was an opportunity to use the untouchable 'alarm' button, luckily that girl on ground saved us otherwise we might have been stuck inside there for awhile!

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