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Spencer Traviston (missuni_kun) wrote,
@ 2003-08-26 17:09:00
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    Current mood: guilty
    Current music:Virtual Insanity-Jamiroquai

    I'm okiday!
    Well, it appears as though my friend whom i liked so much thinks that i was drunk that night, and won't tell me what i knew i said...hehe...that sounds confusing. Yeah. Im at my teacher's, Ms.Nish's, house right now. She's been my Advanced math teacher for the past two years, and soon to be 3. Yeah, that's cool, since i get to use the internet, cause I dont have it at home...but I feel REALLY bad, cause I told her i'd do it for free, but she insisted on paying me, and payed me WAYYYY too much! I feel really bad now, but I am going to use it to pay for my drivers ed training. IM SO MAD that my school district cut it. *sigh* Oh well. At least She's really cool. I really like Ms.Nish a lot, and her kids aren't that bad. Her daughter is only like 2 years younger, and doesnt really need babysitting, but her and her brother, who's 8, fight a lot so there mom didnt want them home alone together. They're cool though. I have to spend the night and watch them till there dad picks them up for dinner tomorrow, 24 hours from now. I am buying a really cool corset too! It's plain nude colored, but good for underneath clothing. Im excited. Ill need about 160 dollars more from my parents though if i want drivers training. *sigh*

    Get back to ya later...
    Spencer Traviston

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