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I'd rather be in Love (miss_romantic) wrote,
@ 2003-12-19 18:07:00
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    Current mood: restless
    Current music:The Movielife--its Something

    heyas hun well i downloaded the blurty thing onto my comp like alli has =) so that mean u'll b hearing from muah more often...prolly more often then u'd like heh. uh lets just go over a quick little review of muah's day eh okay so b4 homeroom i hada find miss alison k. to get her math homework to copy cuz i left my book in brooke's locker so i forced kristin to go with me so we did that then we walked to the corner of the hall hahahah im usually fouind on corners lol neways so then i went into homeroom and brian was sitting in my seat.... i was like hmm okay so then im like why u in my seat move but in a jokingly way and he said he was doing his spanish homework and chris was helping him(chris sits behind me) and so matt was sitting in his seat so i told him to please move but he wouldnt so the bell rang and mr. kreitzer made him leave cuz hes not in our homeroom so thenn i did my math and talked to brian and chris then stabbed ryan with my pen as we were leaving homeroom , i havent done it in a while so umm yeah i guess im a little psychotic so then first period i gave ali back her notebook and then these two girls leah redinski and a mazur girl came and talked to my class about their college experiences so i was pretty bored so then second period yedlock was there =( and we hada est which i wasnt prepared for so umm yeah i crammed to try to study but eh oh well whatever happens i mean i knoe i didnt flunk it but i prolly didnt do my best and me and ali had different definitions for two of the vocab words and shes usally right but oh well so lets move on to 3rd period.. well first on the way coming out of 2nd period me and brooke were walking and talking and i saw well the 2nd person i like and i dont really see him all that much so i was kind of starled but i didnt really show it and me and him kinda smiled at each other believe it or not i was really surprised he was even looking at me i mean come on me? he prolly thinks im crazy thats all...neways...had another test which i thought iwas prepared for .... when i got the test i knew all cept some of the muiltiple choice so i'd say i got about a 90 on that err I COULD DO BETTER THEN THAT! okay so then 4th period we hada sub which i thought we did but i wasnt sure omg it was great i heart the sub we had she let us do like whatever we want and she was listening to like all of out convos it was pretty funny me and jodi just like we out at my locker ah.... thats hanover! so then err lunch okay so things r not so good between jods and alli =( i heart them both alli didnt even sit at our table so after i was done eating i went over there and talked to her for a little while and then i came back and kb toys moved to another table so i undoubtedly staring at him i couldnt help it but the first time i looked over he was looking at me.. kinda caught me in the act heh,for a moment there i thought maybe he liked me too and that we could b together then reality came crashing back in as i looked around the cafeteria and saw pretty girls and realized how fat i am -=( i knoe i should really stop complaining about my weight and do something about it iand well maybe someday i will b real skinny and pretty and then yay my life will b a little better, ok so then i look over and my grandma was sitting right where brian usually sits like at that table i was like hmm ok so then lunch was over and i was walking to 6th period and i was studying this paper / walking and i almost walked into brian and then i passed him cuz he went to go talk to kenny or nelson or some1 so then i was like at the end of the hall and i hear a person yelling "K" i turn around with a smile cuz i knew who it was and it was brian so i said jokingly" u think thats funny?" and he said yeah acutally i do so then i said i'd kick u but ur my friend so i'll kick john instead and hes like oksy its funnier that way so i kicked john wehn i was walking into callahans took test in callahans it was fairly easily but i know i got a few things wrong i put inhibtion instead of prohibition err i was soooo mad so then i went to 7th period and walked with alli so we didnt do nething in that class as usal so brett took my phone and they were calling random places like coke acola ha it was funny he always takes my phone and plays with it. omg i took the phone back at one point and phil said to james u get her from the front and i'll get her from the rear and i was just like whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooa. so then went on the bus then walked home with jods and travis and we had our conversations mailman! hehehehe ok so then blah blah and now its now and heres the thoughts that are in my head rite now.....- emily saying oh yes baby oh baby oh baby and then turing aroung and realizing schnee was behing her
    - me screaming by mr , malloys classrooom that " ur 15 ur allows to have sex"
    - that i desperately want to sit by a certain young man at the movie on monday
    - brett said hes gunna call some1's house and say we go the test back and its positive.. ur gunna have a girl
    - im gunna b alone for christmas cuz im so fat no guys want me
    - i should not wear skirts cuz im too fat for them... chances are i gunna wear them anyways
    -i need to lose weight i reallllly wanna do it i just gotta really put myself into it
    -upward bound was boring yesterday
    - i cant wait till the semi this year hopefully i'll b going as a skinny girl with a special some1
    - i want to go to the movies
    ........well thats all folks. as u can c im a little not rite in the head but oh well deal with yay! i'll talk to u tomrrow b there or b square! it'll b like my news resolution or one of my new year resolutions even tho its not new years yet, write in here more often because blurty i heart u i cant vent to u at anytime i want to.. ur there when i need u the most muahs ur my best friend! try not to miss me too much

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