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I'd rather be in Love (miss_romantic) wrote,
@ 2003-12-17 14:46:00
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    Current mood: hopeful
    Current music:The Verve Pipe--The Freshmen

    busy bee
    heyas hun. well hmm i hada get a new blurty cuz mine was being gay and im impatient so well here i have a new yet with it! k so lets back up to saturday. kristin,alli,ali,jods,brooke,empar,kelly and me went to the movies for kristin's bday,which reminds me i gotta give her her card but hopefully we will at least have a 2 hour delay but so neways we all went to c honey.the movie was uh okay i sorta had fun but i was just thinking about depressing stuff that nite so i didnt really have all that much fun, but oh monday we got outta last period to put up signs for sadd and me and alli were in the hall were kbtoys class was and well it was just funny. yesterday i went home with my gram at 12 for no reason and today i was royally pissed off with sadd. criss has all her favorites .....and me and some others go to like all the meetings (well i didnt go to the one yesterdday b/c i went home early and didnt knoe there was one) and she doesnt even knoe our names and i dont knoe like today she got people outta classes to pass out flyer things and i dunno somethings just piss me off but eh oh well its prolly just me so whatever,honestly sometimes i think about quitting sadd just like i quit everything else i ever start but oh well. it was tho putten ribbons on cars in the rain i kinda am developing a minor crush on a certain guy in sadd so uh yeah im wearing the ribbon he gave me =) i dunno kb toys dont really sit by me in homeroom or talk to me all that much these past couple of days but oh well.jodi and alli are in fight cuz well lets just not get into that i heart both of them and im just gunna stay out of it as much as i can. everyday that we get closer to christmas it gets harder and harder being alone im just hoping and praying that my grandma will stay alive for a long time cuz i seriously dont knoe wht i'd do without here i can start bawlin just thinking about that stuff. i love her so much omg she raised me.and im just hoping and praying that by the semi or the summer or def. next christmas that i b skinny and taken by a romantic and sweet guy heh my little fantasy heh. well im gunna go now shit i forgot i have upward bound tomrrow fuck fuck fuck damn i dunno how i gunna get ride damn well bye byes muah i heart u ;)

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