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I'd rather be in Love (miss_romantic) wrote,
@ 2003-12-29 17:57:00
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    Current mood: determined
    Current music:311--amber

    since 2003 is coming to a close i thought i'd sum up the year so aa here it is...

    -My favorite dance of the year was definitely the semi i hada blast
    -I love the fact that i made a buncle of new friends this year... steph,brian,john,ali,kelly,jess o,katie,iris,sara,lindsay,keri,rich
    - My greatest accomplishment of the year is most definitely..getting over a certain nicholas
    - i hada blast at the disturbed concert
    -valentines day was fun with my girls alli and stin
    -all the times we went to the movies this year were fun
    - my favorite movie of the year is down with love
    - a new thing i did was i got an account with netflix which i get to c alot of great movies =)
    - i gotta new comp =)
    - i painted almost every room in my house basically by myself
    - im not so afraid to be myself
    - i got accepted to upward bound yay!
    - i went to some football spirit yay hahahahaha lmao
    - im not so ashamed of the music i like.. i like what i like and well too bad if others dont like it
    - i developed a new interest.. old romance movies
    - i also realized how much i like romance things...hence the username
    -i hate to have regrets but i regret liking nick/ going out with him
    -new shows i like include.. viva la bam,two and a half men,punkd
    - shows i miss/will miss....buffy,punkd and friends... im gunna cry my eyese out when friends is over =(
    -worst new movies i saw was hmm.. 2 fast 2 furious... paul walker is hottie thats about all that i liked of the movie... oh and that fact that there was rows of men when we went to go c it =).... daredevil by far one of the worst movies i've ever seen

    Hope and dreams for 2004
    - to get skinny
    -to fall in love with a decent enuff guy
    - to do my best in school
    - be myself matter who or what
    - have good vacations
    -get some self confidence
    - not get in so much fights with my friends
    - let my grandma knoe hoe much i love her
    - keep in touch with my aunt evelyn

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