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~ Original Sin ~ (miss_moneypenny) wrote,
@ 2004-04-30 01:34:00
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    Current mood: tired

    To sleep to dream
    I had the most delicious dream earlier today. It was very weird in some parts but I really enjoyed it. It was very segmented and I can't remeber a lot of it. One of the few parts I remeber is that I was at college somewhere and my friend Elisabeth was with me. And I guess we were walking to the caferteria or something, and some other girls were snickering at us for some reason. And then the next scene that I remeber, I was in my dorm room. But instead of sharing it with my rommate, I was sharing it with this guy. You know the kinda goth guy that sometimes gets described as androgynous; thinnish, long hair, black eyeliner. Just think a cross between Ville Valo from HIM and the singer from The Rasmus. The strrange thing is that I think he was also Finnish and, I think, gay.

    Anyway, I was talking with him about this professor of mine who also happened to be Finnish and was asking my rommate if he knew him, because he had given me a bad grade or something. We were acting just like friends and he even picked me up and spun me around the room for some reason. And then he said something like he had only met him once and he had the professor try to figure out his accent, which he thought was Italian, but obviously it wasn't, and the professor was disappointed. And then I don't remeber how, but then my rommate started describing how he and the professor had had sex together. And this is the very weird part, but also the very nice part. He pulled me onto my bed and started to act out how he had had sex with the professor but with me instead. And even though we were fully clothed it was still really erotic. And I remember stopping him and telling him that he shouldn't continue if he was just gonna be a tease, but he said something to the effect that he wasn't and he was about to continue when…

    my roommate woke me up! Urk! Talk about a rude awakening.

    So that's basically the summary of my dream. I think that it's pretty easy to decode. It's telling me that 1, I shouldn't be looking up pics of hot guys at 4:30 in the morning, 2, that I have been watching way too much Queer As Folk, and 3, that I really, really want a boyfriend or something even similar to one. So basically nothing that's new. But it was still very enjoyable.

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