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Michelle Branch (miss_branch) wrote,
@ 2003-07-06 14:00:00
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    Mm.. taco?

    *folds taco wrapper neatly into a square as I finish eating it, looks around for a trash bin but doesn't find one, is totally against littering so stuffs the wrapper in my back pocket, pats it, stands up and walks out of hotel*

    Texas, hotter than ever. The food here -even hotter. *chuckles slightly to myself and folds arms, looking up at the sky, takes a deep breath, smiles and looks around* My manager said the bus would be here any minute now.. it isn't.

    *sticks both of my hands in my pockets, waiting patiently. Seconds later two women and a man approach me, the youngest looking girl squealing a bit as the slightly older female speaks to me and takes out a pen and a piece of paper. She tells me how huge a fan of mine she is, hands me the pen and paper, asks for my autograph, and asks me to sing a bit of one of 'my songs', which she says is entitled "A Thousand Miles". I sign the paper, thank her, my own voice saying this inside my head to myself -"Humor them!". Smiles sweetly and clears throat, the man watching me dreamilly and the women too, not caring to look at my signature in which I wrote "Smile! (doodle of a smilie) Michelle"*

    "If I could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass me by? 'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just see you..tonight"

    *the girls squeal, the man applauds, they all shake my hand and walk away, looking back at me as they do so, my bus comes and stops in front of me, the door opens and the bus driver calls for me. "Michelle! Miss Branch, hiney in the bus now, please" he says, the three "fans" look back at me, blushing and grinning guiltilly, I smile, stick my right hand up and wiggle fingers in a wave, I then hop on the bus and sit down somewhere, the three kids still shocked*

    American Airlines Center, here we come!

    Thank you Keri and Eliza for your generous birthday wishes. Much love to you both. *smiles sweetly*

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