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Michelle Branch (miss_branch) wrote,
@ 2003-07-02 11:36:00
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    Current mood:exhausted

    Happy Birthday to me

    *opens Milwaukee hotel room door and walks inside, wearing a silly looking paper hat on my head and confetti in my hair, shuts the door quietly behind me and sits down on my bed*

    Wow.. I'm 20 now. Wow. That's an age that starts with a whole new number. Wow..

    *takes the paper hat off, drops it to the floor, doesn't notice all the strings of confetti of many colors in my hair, lies down and looks at the cards piled up next to me and the presents too, grins*

    I'd open them right now if I weren't so tired. I mean, my band can party! *chuckles and sighs happilly, taps on a small box* Hmm.. *sits up once again and takes the box, puts it on my lap* I think I'll open this one.. *removes all the paper wrappers and the ribbons, lifts the lid of the box, takes a peek inside, slips a hand into the box and pulls out an Elvis alarm clock, pushes a red button Elvis' head, watches him shake his hips and sing "Jail House Rock", I giggle* Now isn't this cute? Hee.

    *puts it on the nightstand next to me, sets it to go off at six thirty in the morning, goes back to the box, makes sure there's nothing inside and puts it down on the floor, along with the wrappers and ribbons, collapses on the bed and whines to self* Get rest.

    *closes my eyes and slowly drifts off to dreamland with all the confetti in my hair, a small smile on my lips as I dream of sweet things*

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