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BeeBee -- G i g g l e Z (misplaceddreams) wrote,
@ 2003-07-28 10:37:00
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    long ass day
    Yesterday wasssss sooooooooooooo lonG! i got up at 750 and got ready and me n ma dad drove to babolon.... once we got to joeys house- lotz of people was there... like mike, debby, joey, justin and his gf amd sum other guy n lil nicky. We got sum breakfast tlked. Den we got ma dads boat ready and then we down to the ramp to put it in the water. only me justin and his gf- Deni and ma dad got in the boat and we drove it a while then went back to joes to tell everyone we are going to kismit. ahh ma fav place on fire island! finally when we got there we were chillin wit these other race boat guys named pete and we called the other one dumbass. While i was sittin there tlkin to deni this kid wa like staring at me. finally he points to me and says "your bea right?" and im thinkink wtf this kid is stalkin me and knows ma name. but i say yeah who are you. it turns out he is Eddie mcdonalds friend and i chilled a lil wit him at needham. den we saw this guy n his son- sean. and we rode around wit them and went to this bar called gilgos. DAMN lol me and deni said it was like ugly BaR- white trash very bad. lol but im chillin at the bar wit deni and i tried to grab justins drink and the cute one thats behind the bar was like haha go for it- then started tlkin to me. It turns out that he lives in babolon and his aunt lives in mattitucK! YAY! im going back there again soon on sunday, sicne he works there. he asked for my number but we had to go cuz the boat cop people we being bitches to my dad so i didnt get the chance.... we went back to joes after stoppen at charlies and havin sum drinks- and at joes we had dinnr and i chilled wit sean a lil- he is too shy tho. then drove home got home around 930 and i was maddd tired. over all we went 116 in the boat (3rd time using it this year for my dad) and we hit a few wakes which is ma fav.

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