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Michelle (mishi55) wrote,
@ 2006-11-09 17:03:00
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    Current mood: cranky
    Current music:fall out boy - dance, dance

    one voice
    So it's been a while and again I apologize. Last week I went home briefly because Katie was in town for a night. It was so nice to see her again. We just went to Eat n Park and sat around for a couple hours talking. I'm just dying to meet her boyfriend from New Jersey, as I'm sure everyone else from home is too. Hopefully he'll be coming over Christmas break.

    SSJ is having a Fair Trade festival tomorrow night at the gristmill on campus. It'll be pretty neat; free samples of fair trade coffee and chocolate, and this super awesome gift basket that Katie Herzing and I made with items at the gristmill store for a door prize. I want to win it myself, ha.

    This past Tues was election day, and doing my civic duty I drove home in the rain to vote. I made the short trip to the local fire hall with Dad and Cathy and she made fun of me for taking longer then she did. Well, I wanted to read everything, so sue me. It was the first time I used those new computers to vote, and I just wanted to make sure I didn't vote to sign my life away or something.

    And here we are, two days later, and the Democrats have won back the House and the Senate. Wow, honestly I wouldn't have guessed this would have happened 6 months ago. Dad of course is excited. Allen's ethnic rally in Virginia full of his ethnic friends couldn't save his Senate seat. Hoorah. Frankly the only thing I needed to make me really happy was to see Rick Santorum lose, and it happened. Oh joy of joys! I know he's going to think that the American family is going down the tubes, but I think the country will manage just fine without him telling all of us we're going to Hell.

    Speaking of which, Mr. Straka told us this great story about his Catholic gradeschool education. Apparently he was a sloucher in school (as I can imagine many boys were) and couldn't sit very still. After numerous threats of recess loss and the nun physically grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him, she decided to tell him that boys who don't sit up straight go to Hell. Nice. Talk about abusing her religious status. I'm sure Jesus was just shaking his head when she and others like her said stuff like that. Even know I'm sure Jesus is saying, "When I said 'Love thy neighbor', I didn't mean 'Love only the neighbors you like'." And I'm sick of this fake love that is so smug and judgmental that it makes me ill. Listen here, we all see right through it. Jesus hung out with lepers and prostitutes, and he was fine with that. And knowing him, I'm sure he wasn't judging people he didn't know anything about.

    But I think the main point that I was trying to shoot for is that your vote counts. Seriously, even if it means you cancel out an opposing vote, you did something. If you want to bitch about how the government is, get out and vote. Tell your representatives what you think; hey, that's what they're supposed to do anyway, REPRESENT. The great thing about this country (as crazy as it is) is that I can say what I think. And I think now is a great time for some change. I'm not expecting huge revelvations and changes here, but some movement towards making it better to live in the good ol US of A.
    And it took longer than I expected, but Britney Spears has finally come to her senses and filed for divorce of her dirty, dirty husband. I think she should consult everyone else around her before ever marrying anyone ever again. Good Lord is he a loser. Try not to let this get you down, Britney. Sure, you may be another one of his baby's mamas, but you're the one who actually got herself a career, right? And maybe, someday, you'll find someone half as attractive as Justin Timberlake to eat fried chicken with.

    I really loathe management now. It's basically a class on how messed up the world is; how profit is what we drive towards and the employee is just a thing that does work. And did I mention how today I learned that chances are really good that I won't be able to afford to live after college? Yeah, a real pick me up. And I don't know what is wrong with me when it comes to senior sem. I just always come off as stupid in discussions, and then I beat myself up over it for days. I'm just still having trouble figuring out what Michelle I want to be. Oh pish posh. Until next time.

    The adventure continues...

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