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Michelle (mishi55) wrote,
@ 2006-09-22 16:47:00
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    Current mood: annoyed

    I went home last week and hung out with my family and Greta. She slept with me both nights since Cathy went to Beaver. Of course I'm happy to share my bed with a small schnauzer, but Greta has this way of putting her body in the exact spot where I need to lay my legs. Or she's laying on the blankets at 5am when I wake up huddled at the edge of the bed with barely a sheet. And this little grunt, no more like a groan, she makes when you move her is cute, sure, but it doesn't make getting to sleep any easier.

    Sat morning Dad woke me around 8:45 to help him take Greta to the groomer. Poor thing, after having a traumatic couple of weeks in and out of hospitals, she was not pleased to be left with strangers yet again. I wish I could have video taped her reaction when she saw us a couple hours later. I thought she was going to jump over the 3 foot barrier, ha. But she looks lovely, and we took her home to play Scrabble with Mom. I won by only one point!

    Sunday I drove back to school in the Nissan because my parents said I could take it for awhile! Hooray, it's nice having a car here. Sadly I don't have any income, so I keep trips few and far between. $50 for a parking permit also made me ill. Maybe I can get a job, who knows. I'm trying not to do too much before I have small meltdown again.

    Senior sem isn't that great. The class is fun, with fun people in it, but there's just a ton of work I need to do, and not a lot of time to do it. Presentations, blast. I like the rest of my classes though.

    Today Ryan and I have been together 11 months. Yay! I can't wait to see him again. I wish I could go out to see him, but the Nissan probably wouldn't make it halfway. I miss him so much, but it's great that I can talk to him everyday.

    As much as I love our room in Aurelius, Jessica and I freeze. It's just way too cold! I shouldn't complain because as soon as they turn the heat on, we'll be roasting alive. Sadly I'd much rather be cold than hot. Can't really take off layers of skin, now can we?

    St. Vincent is getting a football team in the fall of '07. I've known they would for quite a while, but now that it's really coming, it's becoming more of a topic of discussion. Personally, I'm glad I won't be here for it. Loud practices, more dumb jocks on campus, and administration bowing before the altar that is money-making sports. Look how much the campus gets from Steeler summer practice, just imagine the money they can get from football people all YEAR long! Yeah, I'm biased. Sure, I'm all about school spirit, but can't we be proud of a school based on its academic merit too? Why not give more 'leadership' scholarships to people who do well in school instead of just sweat? And even from the athlete view, won't the football team be favored over, let's say, the cross-country team? And I happen to know for a fact that those athletes work really hard for what they do. And they don't have to shove it down my throat. The whole thing just seems silly.

    It just seems like college has suddenly become a place about sports instead of education. But I guess I shouldn't blame an administration who is in the position to make a ton of money from a football team and its merchandise.

    Oh wait, yes I can.

    Until next time.

    The adventure continues...

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