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That Girl Possessed (misfit_stickout) wrote,
@ 2004-10-11 13:24:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:We Can Make Sandwiches - Detroit Grand Pubahs

    Tell Laura I Love Her...Tell Laura I Need Her...Tell Laura Not To cry...My Love For Her Will Never Die...

    Awwww, Richie Valens, you dog. You made Tommy so sweeeeeet.

    Erugh...what happened? Went to Charlene's with Sara, road 4 wheeler, ate, watched T.V., ate, walked, watched T.V., ate, came home.

    WHAT AM I THANKFUL FOR: (My serious list of thankfuls)

    1) Music. I am so thankful I have my music. Emo, Indie, Punk, Rock, Classic Rock, Screamo, Emocore, EVERYTHING! I LOVE IT ALL!!
    2) Shows, venues, concerts, live bands, performances, mosh pits, angry kids throwing eachother around to angry music.
    3) Good teachers, Mr. P., who gives all A's, amazing, too cool.
    4) Food, sugar, candy, decent eatables.
    5) Friends. I will have 2 categories. This is my thankful category for grade 9's - Sara, Gina, Laura, Shelby, Morgan, Steph, Jess, Megs, whoever I missed, I'm sorry, and yell at me ;)
    6) 10's and older! Ben, Nanner, Teenah, Amy, Libby, Reid, Jon, Andy, all of you older, sexy, peoples.
    7) I'm thankful for...having a high metabolism. BWAHAHAHAHA!

    I dunno. I'm thankful for my music, guitar and shit, thankful for sports I can play, movies, T.V., my mom not being a monster, and other things. I just can't think, and my mom is telling me to get off the computer so bwah. More later.


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