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Rachel (miseryhead) wrote,
@ 2004-07-21 14:39:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:i love the 90's on tv.

    "i probably should've worn deodorant today" -Brandon Boyd !!!
    okay i know this is almost a month after the fact but hey better late than never right? i figured it was necessary to update about one of the greatest days of my life so here it goes.

    July 4th Weekend:

    now i went to worcester with my mom and jen and ryan and alex and we were going to stay over there two nights because of the fact that there was and Incubus concert that we were going to. we left here friday night (after degrassi of course) and we were on our way to worcester.

    the car ride there was fun and pretty funny too. anyways we got to the hotel and they messed up our reservations so we had to go and get a new room. once we finally got to the room we realized it was a smoking room and also the air conditioning didnt work. so another room switch was in order.

    we finally got to our correct rooms (two of them one for me and jen and my mom and one for alex and ryan) but they werent adjoining but that was okay anyways. so that night me and jen stayed in alex and ryan's room until around 3 in the morning playing pokemon snap and charades, with trapezoids and such. then we went back to our room and slept til around 10.

    that saturday was the night of the concert (i had won 2 backstage passes to meet Incubus [holy crap] and me and jen were to go back before the show, but that wasnt til later on. so that day we planned to go to the "lanetarium" and drop of alex and ryan for a while and we'd go do something else. but once we got there it was abandoned for about a month with all the old mail still in the mailbox. so that was unsuccessful but it was still good cause then we went back to our room and watched mean girls which was really good i must say.

    after this it was about 5 o clock so we got a shuttle from the hotel to go to the centrum (we didnt drive because of all the traffic because of the summer nationals) since me and jen had to be there at 6 to go meet Incubus! it took us about a half hour to drive 2 and a half miles to the centrum from our hotel because of all the traffic but we got there early enough and were the second people in line.

    we waited there for about 45 minutes until we were taken back to this private like conference room and we all stood in line until it was said that Incubus was coming. once they walked in i almost cried. it was amazing they just came in and walked around a little then they sat at this table with Brandon on the end first.

    so these two girls in front of me were first and really gay and you could tell Brandon didnt like them but they asked him for a hug and he gladly did that. so i went up to him and i asked for a hug (cause i'm a loser but now i can say i hugged Brandon) and he stood up and hugged me and said " i guess i should probably stay standing huh?" and i laughed. then he said "what's your name?" and i replied with Rachel so he wrote Hello Rache then he looked up and went "ummm" and i said e l and he said okay thanks. so then he continued to write (this is so sexy ) Hello Rachel! Thanks for the hug. Brandon he said "nice to meet you" and i walked on down the line of Incubus. hehe. but i did feel special cause no other girl got thanks for the hug. =) Brandon signed my card thing designed by Jose in purple marker and it was cute.

    next was Ben the bassist and he looked at Brandon and said "jeez take up the whole page you rockstar" and Brandon just smiled. so i shook his hand and all Ben wrote was !BEN! but backwards like if you were to look in a mirror it would be right. ( he signed in red marker)

    then i went on to DJ Kilmore (who wants jen by the way) and he was like "hi i'm dj kilmore" and i shook his hand and said i'm rachel. and then nice to meet you's were exchanged. then he wrote DJ Kilmore says thanks rachel. so i felt cool. ( he signed in black marker )

    then was Jose. i didnt really like him too much, he wasnt in to it at all. when i went over to him he was drawing on the table cloth and i had to catch his attention for him to look up say hi and write Jose all graffiti like. and then he was like "black! i always get black! always!" which i think he was referring to the color of his marker.but anyways...

    lastly came Mike Einzinger who is awesome and really cute. he was like "hi! i'm mike" and i was like hello i'm rachel and shook his hand. then he said "oh that's cool, my sisters name is rachel" then he signed my paper thing and i walked on. (he signed in green marker)

    then i went back in line until we came back up toward the front since we were then going to split up into 5 groups of 10 and take a picture with the band. i was in the first group and while i was waiting for the band to be ready and come over to us to be in the picture..Mike came over and started talking to us then the gay girl was like aww i wanted to touch your hair and he said" you wouldnt be able to even if it wasnt pulled back, you'd lose your arm in there" and i smiled. then Brandon (being done) came over to us and started talking about how some girl tried to grab his bum but she only got his wallet. and he showed us and i passed out. he's really skinny but so freaking sexy. and then he grabbed a pepper and put it in his "region" (jen) and was like "could you imagine waking up in the morning and looking down at yourself and being like aw damn it" and i laughed cause it was cute and funny. so then it was time to get in the picture.

    i was standing there and dj kilmore tried to stand behind me and was standing behind me then Brandon was like "i'm just gonna slip in here" and he stood next to me and put his arm around me. holy crap. i mean how hot is that. out of the 10 people in the group he picked me to put his arm around me. then he was like " i probably should've worn deodorant today" and everyone laughed. then the gay girl who was in front of me asked him for another hug and he hugged her then of course i asked cause i had to. and he hugged me again and i said good luck tonight and he said " thank you, thanks a lot." so then i had to leave and me and jen went out to the actual concert area. but needless to say we didnt pay any attention to the opening band cause well we were still in too much shock.

    so then Incubus came on and they played an awesome set. although the barricade in the front broke one and ahlf songs into the set and Brandon stopped the band and said "whoa! hold on this has never happened before but we need to take a 20 minute break in order for them to repair the barricade but we will be back and continue our full set. no one gets hurt at an Incubus show!" then they came back and played for another hour and a half. it was amazing. they played:
    -Nice To Know You
    -Idiot Box
    -Just A Phase
    -Wish You Were Here
    -Zee Deveel (Brandon said it was the first time they ever played it live)
    -Here In My Room
    -Drive (Remix with Mike on piano)
    -Vitamin/Jam Session/Drums/ Everything Is Dead
    -Talk Sows On Mute
    -Sick Sad Little World
    - A Certain Shade of Green/Kilmore Solo/Whole Lotta Love/ back to ACSOG
    ENCORE: (Brandon came out shirtless and alone for the first half of the first song)

    so all in all it was amazing. best concert i've been to. then after we walked, WALKED!, back to the hotel and slept nicely then left the next morning to head back home. needless to say that was probably the best weekend of my life. so here's Brandon Boyd for you...

    what a sexy beast. and here's Jimmy Gnecco to keep the tradition alive:


    well that's all for the long awaited Incubus update.

    i love Rick.

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