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Rachel (miseryhead) wrote,
@ 2004-04-03 23:27:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:The Darkness-Love on the Rocks with no Ice.

    "i'm really sorry darling, i'll see you inside at the show."-Justin freaking Hawkins
    OH MY GOD. okay the only reason i am updating my journal is because today was so amazing!!!!!!!

    i went to see the Darkness tonight and it was the best concert i have ever been to. i'll explain in detail.

    so i called melissa at around 230 telling her that i was coming to pick her up and then we'd be heading to jen's house to be on our way and i went and picked her up. once at jen's i played some dance dance revolution which by the way is the funnest game and i need it really badly. then katie and her cousin janaya were ready and jen's dad took us on our way to boston at 330 heading towards avalon/axis for a Darkness/ distillers concert kinda. katie and janaya went to go see the distillers with her dad in axis while me and jen and melissa all went to see the Darkness at avalon.

    okay so we got there at 4 and the doors didn't open until 6 the concert not starting til 5. we went to go stand in line and then these people came up behind us and they were like is this the Darkness line? and we were like yeah and then they asked if we had gone to the newbury comics signing at 1 and i was extremely mad that we didn't get to go since i really wanted to meet the Darkness and then i was kinda sad.

    so about a half hour later i hear the people behind me start like looking and screaming "yeah! wooo! go Darkness!" so i look and there is Justin Hawkins (lead freaking singer of the Darkness) just standing on the sidewalk so i ran over and left jen and melissa in line and all these people were asking for pictures but i stood there and was extremely happy and pulled out my piece of paper that i made jen give me before we left her house just for an event like this. he was kinda starting to walk away and i tapped his arm and i was like " could you sign this?" and he did and then he said "i'm really sorry darling, i'll see you inside at the show" in his wicked hot british accent!

    oh my god so needless to say i went back over to jen and melissa and passed out practically. it was so awesome, i mean he called me darling, JUSTIN HAWKINS CALLED ME DARLING! okay so then about an hour and a half later the doors opened and we went in and i bought a hoodie that is pretty hot and then we ran into avalon and got right up front.

    okay so the first band was the Wildhearts i believe and they were good, well at least i liked them. they were from the uk as well as the Darkness and apparently going on another tour with them in june which i'm definately going to. okay so they played for a while and i liked them and then they were done and this big curtain dropped down in front of the stage so you couldn't see and it was there for like a half hour. so after this some weird music came on and the lights flashed off the sheet for about 5 minutes and then you saw Justin's shadow in the curtain and hear "Black Shuck" start to play.

    oh man it was so hot. Justin changed his outfit 3 times during the show and the first one was like this pink fuzzy shirt like thing and black sparkly tight pants (wicked hot) which were my favorite, then there was this pink catsuit with black feather like things coming out the back resembling kinda a peacock and then finally a pink and white catsuit that was hot.

    they played...Black Shuck, 3 songs i didn't know, Get Your Hands off my Woman, Growing On Me, I Believe In a Thing Called Love, Love is Only a Feeling, Givin' Up, Stuck In A Rut, Friday Night, and finally Love on the Rocks with No Ice. all amazing!

    i love the Darkness so much that i can't even get over it. and one more thing he was saying why they had to cancel a few shows a while ago and how "once i go back over to england they're going to have to give me chemotherapy treatments for my esophogus problem, but i said to the doctors as i rose up from my death bed all sweaty i said hey! i will not let this kill me! i WILL rock again! this is ACID REFLUX! not CANCER!" and it was really funny and i love the Darkness a wicked lot. Dan Hawkins looked really good too.

    well then i think that is all for now or at least all i can remember since i am still in a mild case of shock since i did meet Justin Hawkins. please enjoy a picture of the sexy beast...

    and here is Jimmy Gnecco for all of you...

    and i think i am going to have to die now cause i am so excited!

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