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Rachel (miseryhead) wrote,
@ 2003-10-01 19:01:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:cool runnings song, the jamaica's got a bobsled team one.

    i love you, marry me right now.
    hello all and sorry for the long delay of actual updates on this journal but hey you know the stuff, it takes a while to well i dont know but yeah okay here's my update.

    today was a pretty good day.

    study well i didnt do anything but i never really do anything in study especially since there is no one for me to talk to or anything for me to do. but yeah i guess it was better than other things.

    chemistry was okay. we had a test today that i think i actually did good on cause well i dont think i failed and if i didnt fail then it will be the first test in over a year in the sciences that i didnt fail! woo hoo but i cant celebrate yet since i dont really know what i got.

    double communications rocked. i like that class a lot. we watched the end of the truman show which by the way i really liked and forgot how good it was. then i worked the camera and since one of them wasnt working i had to keep going back and forth while gay people were telling me who to get shots on when they did things that they werent scheduled to do. but besides that i felt cool cause i had the ear thingy on and that makes me feel important. heh.

    lunch is always good. i sat with alex and anthony, well i sat with a lot of other people but thats only because they are gay and follow our table cause we're so cool. i wish it was just alex and anthony and our table but hey i love lunch and thats all that matters.

    culinary was fun. i also like that class a lot too. i so got to work the bakery today cause i rock. me and courtney were in control pretty much but i couldnt cut the stupid piece of pizza for some lady so after a while of work i did it and then tomorrow for the double me and courtney will have to take charge again cause we rock and mr g loves us.

    history well what can i say about history? it's boring, its a good thing the mr harris is pretty cool cause thats the only good thing about that class. okay well i lied jen but you know what the good thing about the class is. hehehe.

    double geometry, well its easy, thats all i have to say. ms ronchinsky has to be the easiest teacher ever and its awesome cause i learn things so easily hence my 97% on the test. oh yeah.

    so needless to say i am definately more used to my classes than the last update and i like them all now. :) okay well after school Rick came over for a bit but that was about it. hehe, i love Rick.

    i think all of you (all 3, maybe, of you) who read my journal should comment cause well i dont know, maybe about my awesomely awesome layout? okay well yeah, JIMMY GNECCO!, you werent expecting that one now were you...


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